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Published: 6th April 2016 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 11th December 2023

888poker xl series schedule 2016888Poker XL Series Schedule May 2016 features three million in guaranteed tournament prize pools including a million guaranteed Main Event.

The 888 Poker Super XL series takes place between 14th – 22nd May, 2016 qualifiers are now available in the lobby offering players the chance to qualify for only 1¢.

The series of online poker tournaments ends within a week of the start of the World Series of Poker which 888poker are the official sponsors of. You can qualify for you seat through the WSOP Online Satellites 2016 exclusively on 888 Poker.

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888Poker XL Series Schedule May 2016

There is three million in guaranteed prize pools to be won this May from the great selection of online poker tournaments on the 888Poker XL Series Schedule.

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888 Poker Super XL Qualifier

All players get two tournament tickets to enter the daily 888 Poker Super XL Qualifier which guarantees the top two players a ticket to the Main Event worth $1,050.

  1. Download 888 Poker, Signup and get two free Super XL Qualifier tickets
  2. Complete the daily missions and get additional tickets to the qualifier

You can also win entry to the 888 Poker Super XL Main Event and other events in the series through the qualifier tournaments.

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888Poker XL Series Schedule May 2016

See the full 888Poker XL Series Schedule with forty online poker tournaments taking place in May 2016.

DateTimeEventBuy-inPrize Pool
14th May 201618:00 GMT$88,888 Crazy 8 Event$88$88,888
18:00 GMT$8,888 Mini Crazy 8 Super Event$8.80$8,888
20:00 GMT$10,000 Turbo Kickoff$55$10,000
15th May 201616:30 GMT$150,000 Mega Deep$215$150,000
17:00 GMT$250,000 Opening Event Multi Chance$160$250,000
17:00 GMT$50,000 Mini Opening Event Multi Chance$12$50,000
18:00 GMT$200,000 Whale$600$200,000
18:35 GMTMega satellite to Main Event$16015 seats GTD
20:00 GMT$20,000 Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance$55$20,000
21:00 GMT$10,000 Super Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance$75$10,000
16th May 201618:00 GMT$15,000 Omaha Event$109$15,000
18:00 GMT$3,000 Mini Omaha Event$12$3,000
19:00 GMT$15,000 Turbo Snap Event Multl chance$55$15,000
19:00 GMT$5,000 Mini Turbo Snap Event Multi chance$5$5,000
20:00 GMT$2,000 Turbo Snap Omaha$30$2,000
17th May 201618:00 GMT$400,000 High Roller Event$2,100$400,000
18:00 GMT$100,000 Mini High Roller Event$215$100,000
20:00 GMT$40,000 Turbo High Roller Event$160$40,000
18th May 201618:00 GMT$30,000 8-Max Event$109$30,000
18:00 GMT$5,000 Mini 8-Max Event$12$5,000
20:00 GMT$5,000 Turbo 8-Max Event$30$5,000
23:00 GMT$10,000 Americas Event$160$10,000
23:00 GMT$2,000 Mini Americas Event$12$2,000
19th May 201601:00 GMT$5,000 Turbo Americas Event$55$5,000
17:00 GMT$40,000 R&A EVENT$55$40,000
17:00 GMT$5,000 Mini R&A EVENT$5$5,000
18:00 GMT$75,000 Quarterback Event$215$75,000
18:00 GMT$20,000 Mini Quarterback Event$44$20,000
20:00 GMT$20,000 Turbo Quarterback Event$109$20,000
20th May 201618:00 GMT$25,000 Knockout Event$150$25,000
18:00 GMT$10,000 Mini Knockout Event$35$10,000
20:00 GMT$10,000 Turbo Knockout Event$75$10,000
21st May 201618:00 GMT$50,000 6 Max Event$160$50,000
18:00 GMT$10,000 Mini 6 Max Event$30$10,000
20:00 GMT$10,000 Turbo 6 Max Event$55$10,000
22nd May 201615:05 GMTMega satellite to Main Event$21550 seats GTD
16:30 GMT$150,000 Mega Deep$215$150,000
17:00 GMT$1,000,000 Main Event$1,050$1,000,000
17:00 GMT$150,000 Mini Main Event$160$150,000
17:30 GMT$15,000 Micro Main Event$5$15,000
20:00 GMT$30,000 Turbo Main Event$109$30,000
21:00 GMT$15,000 Super Turbo Main Event$75$15,000