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Published: 4th July 2017 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 10th December 2023

bwin cardrush weekly promotionThe new Bwin Cardrush weekly promotion offers guaranteed prizes including cash, bonuses or leaderboard points for the race.

There are over 150,000 instant scratch cards to be claim every week in the Bwin poker promotion.

Players can claim up to a maximum of 25 cards daily by earning 50 poker points on Bwin. Your first card will be given after earning just one point, additional cards can be claimed for every two points earned.

Bwin Bonus

Bwin Cardrush Weekly Promotion

Earn points playing poker in the Bwin Cardrush weekly promotion and you could win up to $250 in cash, $500 poker bonus or points for the weekly leaderboard.

To get the most out of the promotion players should earn fifty poker points per day to receive the maximum daily limit of 25 scratch cards on Bwin.

Players that receive leaderboard points will be entered into the weekly $2,500 race which pays out cash the top 250 positions. The first place prize on the Cardrush leaderboard is $250 in cash for the player with the most points each week.

bwin bonus

  1. Bwin Download or Bwin App – get a $500 first deposit bonus.
  2. Earn points playing poker and get scratch cards.
  3. Get a guaranteed prize either: cash, bonuses or weekly leaderboard points.

Each week the first point you earn will get a scratch card thereafter every two points will get a scratch card up to a maximum of 25 cards per day.

Bwin Cardrush Prizes

Each card guarantees a winning prize which could be any of the following prizes:

Cash: 2x $250, 10x $100, 20x $50, 50x $20, 100x $10, 200x $5, 250x $2, 750x $1 & 1,000x $0.50.
Bonuses: 15,000x $0.25, 5,000x $0.5, 2,500x $1, 1,000x $2, 250x $5, 150x $10, 50x $20, 25x $50, 10x $100 & 5x $500.
Leaderboard points: 50x 69, 500x 20, 1000x 15, 2,500x 10, 5,000x 8, 15,000x 5, 25,000x 3, 74,578x 1.

Note that only the first 150,000 card each week are issued to players, each player is limited to twenty-five prize cards per day on Bwin Poker.