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Published: 5th July 2017 Written by Poker News
Updated: 10th December 2023

888 poker brief kara scott june 2017The 888 Poker Brief Kara Scott episode 6 covers news from June 2017 which includes watching the World Series of Poker and Super High Roller Bowl.

Plus an interview with 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman on winning a WSOP bracelet in 2017.

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888 Poker Brief Kara Scott June 2017

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Episode 6 – Poker Brief with Kara Scott

The summer months are the real sweet spot for poker in Las Vegas and it all kicked off with the super High Roller Bowl which is the first broadcast to be streamed on poker Central’s new app pokers go.

2017 WSOP Streaming

Now poker fans love being able to see new content especially when it’s as high quality as the super high roller Bowl.

But making these shows well it doesn’t come for free or even cheap, so poker fans now have the option to pay a subscription fee to use poker go which has been kind of described as like Netflix for poker, obviously they’re always going to be people who just don’t want to shell out for entertainment.

But hopefully this new pay model will bring fresh new content to our screens which has been sadly very reduced since Black Friday pulled a lot of the sponsorship money right out of televised poker.

Super High Roller Bowl

The Super High Roller Bowl was a great choice for kicking off this new service it was the third year for the tournament and the addition of superstar comedian Kevin Hart made sure that the event made some noise in all senses of that phrase.

The German players in the tournament led by a to date ambassador Dominic Nitsche all kicked in for a last longer bet amongst themselves making things a little more interesting and in fact it was German pro Christoph Vogelsang who took down the championship ring and six million dollars in cash.

2017 World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker roared into town as the pros arrived and settled in for the long haul the early talk was all about the changes at the series for this year. Room changes new hot dog carts them a little tongue-in-cheek chatter about how pocket eights seemed to be hitting stats at a higher rate than maybe they should be, I always said three eights were luck.

Another interesting trend early on was how many repeats bracelet winners were hitting the podium it was happening at a higher frequency than in years past showing yet again the poker is a skill game. Pro David Bach even won two bracelets in the space of ten days his second and third career bracelets.

And making some noises well Doug Polk took down the biggest buy-in event for the World Series of Poker 2017 the highroller one-drop. The stream got lots of viewers as two well-known pros and poker personalities went heads up for the bracelet but Doug eventually beat French Pro Elky and grabbed almost three point seven million dollars for his troubles.

Chris Moorman Interview

888 ambassador Chris Moorman had a good June as well snagging his first World Series of Poker bracelet in the 3k No Limit Hold’em six handed event taking him off that list of the best poker players who still hadn’t won some shiny Vegas hardware. I grabbed Chris for a chat from Vegas once he’d stopped celebrating his win.

Kara Scott: hey Chris congratulations on your first World Series hook a bracelet and hey thanks for talking to us as well because I know that Vegas never stops not even when you win a bracelet you have to keep going and keep grinding. So I first of all congratulations, second of all how did you celebrate

Chris Moorman: oh well actually it’s kind of the tournament finished really late, just before free they were actually saying we have 26 minutes left of that level to play and if you didn’t finish that night we have to come back the next morning which I really didn’t want to do.

The last time I was heads-up for a bracelet that happened and I lost the next morning. No one was there to rail and it just felt like a real negative feeling even though obviously it should be positive makes a lot of money it’s great success comes second but I just had like a negative association with it.

So I really wanted to get it finished in the last 26 minutes. Well obviously I didn’t want to push it too hard but yeah fortunately I did finish in the last 26 minutes everyone was pretty hammered by that point but there was no already open to go you actually ended up going to spearmint Rona and just got a table there for like a couple of hours or so.

Kara Scott: it’s classic Vegas

Chris Moorman: exactly I just went nice to eat chicken

Kara Scott: obviously, that’s that’s the only reason any of us go, you mentioned your rail and I got a say like British royals do tend to be they’re well known for being rowdy so what was your rail like?

Chris Moorman: oh yeah was amazing like it was lucky that wasn’t actually maybe the first to a couple of events in the series a lot of the brits go out there so there was a good sort of crew that we had going and obviously it was final table went pretty quickly until heads-up that went on for about three or four hours almost.

By that stage everyone was a bit worse for wear and getting right into it, the guy was playing heads up was from Brazil’s they have a good rail as well so there was a bit back and forth and it just made for a really good atmosphere and kind of inspired me to finish off the job.

Kara Scott: as the most accomplished online player did it feel like it was a long time coming to actually lift the bracelet?

Chris Moorman: yes and no, I mean the first few years I was at the World Series I kind of just didn’t really do anything I was there but I wasn’t really ever in with a shot of winning or making the final table even. But then over the years I got sort of more accustomed to it and I’ve had a really good year in 2011 where I was going deep in everything I played.

A couple of seconds and a third or two seconds so I kind of felt like I missed out that year and then a couple of quiet years and then I was starting to think i was too old to win a bracelet and as they are they’re gonna happen maybe I’m gonna have to learn the mixed game finally to give myself a better shot.

But yeah this year was kind of weird I came in with not as high expectations didn’t put much pressure on myself this year kind of came in just to sort of enjoy it and have fun.

Kara Scott: Well congratulations on your bracelet I know that you’ve got a day two to run off to so I want to let you go but thanks for talking to us and good luck

888 Live Shot Clock

The last item on our agenda is very in keeping with the name of these videos let me keep it brief. 888 poker has announced they’re going to be introducing a shot clock for the live festival events starting with a festival in London at the Aspers Casino in October.

With all the talk about how annoying it can be for players to have to deal with tankers and stallers at the table 888 is looking to remove that poker buzzkill by speeding up the games and keeping things moving home nicely.