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Published: 6th August 2014 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 2nd December 2023

carbon online poker series 2014The Carbon Online Poker Series 2014 is scheduled for 14th-28th September with 79 guaranteed poker tournaments adding up to more than $2 million in prize pools.

The Carbon OPS runs for fifteen days with more than four daily guaranteed events included in the schedule.

This August players can start qualifying for the Carbon Online Poker Series 2014 by playing the daily satellite tournaments and SNG games starting from just $0.21.

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Carbon Online Poker Series 2014

The Carbon Online Poker Series 2014 features a wide variety of online poker tournaments including: Holdem, Omaha, Stud, HORSE, Razz and Badugi.

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carbon online poker series 2014

Carbon Online Poker Series Schedule

Play for your share of the $2 million in guaranteed prize pools between September 14th-28th. The Carbon Online Poker Series 2014 concludes with eight Carbon OPS Main Events with a wide range of buy-ins amounts.

Sunday, September 14th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
14:00OPS 1 $5K Gtd+R, Turbo NLHE$1.10
15:00OPS 2 $150K GtdSuper Deep – NLHE$215
15:30OPS 3 $25K GtdNLHE$11
16:00OPS 4 $25K GtdNLHE$60
16:30OPS 5 $60K GtdSuper Deep – NLHE$530
17:00OPS 6 $25K GtdNLHE$33
17:30OPS 7 $7.5K GtdFL HORSE$33
18:00OPS 8 $35K GtdNLHE$109
18:30OPS 9 $5K Gtd6-Max -NLHE$2.20
19:00OPS 10 $40K GtdSuper Deep – NLHE$215

Monday, September 15th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:00OPS 11 $7.5K Gtd+R, Turbo NLHE$5.50
18:30OPS 12 $10K GtdKnockout NLHE$33
19:00OPS 13 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 14 $20K GtdNLHE$11

Tuesday, September 16th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:30OPS 15 $12.5K GtdPLO Hi/Lo$33
18:30OPS 16 $1.5K GtdFL Badugi$11
19:00OPS 17 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 18 $20K Gtd8-Max – NLHE$11

Wednesday, September 17th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:00OPS 19 $3K Gtd+R, Turbo – NLHE$2.20
18:30OPS 20 $15K Gtd6-Max – PLO$109
19:00OPS 21 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 22 $7.5K GtdHyper Turbo – NLHE$11

Thursday, September 18th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:30OPS 23 $4K GtdFL HORSE$11
18:30OPS 24 $3K GtdNLHE$1.10
19:00OPS 25 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 26 $20K Gtd6-Max – NLHE$33

Friday, September 19th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:30OPS 27 $2K GtdPLO$2.20
18:30OPS 28 5K GtdFL Stud Hi/Lo$60
19:00OPS 29 $50K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 30 $15K GtdNLHE$11

Saturday, September 20th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
16:00OPS 31 $2K GtdPLO Hi/Lo$1.10
17:00OPS 32 $7.5K Gtd+R, Turbo – NLHE$11
18:00OPS 33 $15K GtdMega Stack – NLHE$33
19:00OPS 34 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 35 $5K Gtd6-Max – FLHE$109

Sunday, September 21st

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
14:00OPS 36 $5K GtdNLHE$1.10
15:00OPS 37 $150K GtdDeep – NLHE$215
15:30OPS 38 $25K GtdNLHE$11
16:00OPS 39 $25K GtdNLHE$60
16:30OPS 40 $60K GtdDeep – NLHE$530
17:00OPS 41 $25K GtdNLHE$33
17:30OPS 42 7.5K GtdFL HORSE$11
18:00OPS 43 $35K GtdNLHE$109
18:30OPS 44 $7.5K Gtd6-Max – NLHE$5.50
19:00OPS 45 $40K GtdNLHE$215

Monday, September 22nd

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:30OPS 46 $10K Gtd6-Max – PLO$60
18:30OPS 47 $3K GtdNLHE$1.10
19:00OPS 48 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 49 $20K Gtd8-Max – NLHE$33

Tuesday, September 23rd

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:00OPS 50 $5K Gtd+R, Turbo – NLHE$5.50
18:30OPS 51 $10K GtdFL HORSE$215
19:00OPS 52 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 53 $20K GtdNLHE$33

Wednesday, September 24th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:30OPS 54 $2K GtdNLHE$1.10
18:30OPS 55 $2K GtdFL Stud Hi/Lo$5.50
19:00OPS 56 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 57 $1.5K GtdFL Razz$11

Thursday, September 25th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:30OPS 58 $7.5K Gtd6-Max – PLO$33
18:30OPS 59 $2K GtdKnockout – NLHE$11
19:00OPS 60 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 61 $20K GtdNLHE$109

Friday, September 26th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
18:30OPS 62 $7.5K GtdPLO Hi/Lo$11
18:30OPS 63 $20K GtdNLHE$33
19:00OPS 64 $50K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 65 $2K GtdHyper Turbo – NLHE$5.50

Saturday, September 27th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
16:00OPS 66 $15K GtdMega Stack – NLHE$11
17:00OPS 67 1.5K GtdFL Stud$5.50
18:00OPS 68 $1.5K GtdFL HORSE$1.10
19:00OPS 69 $30K GtdNLHE$215
19:30OPS 70 $4K Gtd6-Max – FLHE$33

Sunday, September 28th

TimeTournamentGame TypeBuy-in
15:00OPS 71 $250K Gtd Main EventNLHE$215
15:00OPS 72 $40K Gtd Main EventNLHE$60
15:30OPS 73 $5K Gtd Main EventNLHE$1.10
15:30OPS 74 $25K Gtd Main EventNLHE$2.20
16:00OPS 75 $10K Gtd Main EventNLHE$11
16:00OPS 76 $75K Gtd Main EventNLHE$5.50
16:30OPS 77 $45K Gtd Main EventNLHE$530
16:30OPS 78 $35K Gtd Main EventNLHE$109
17:00OPS 79 $50K Gtd Last ChanceNLHE$33

carbon online poker series 2014
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