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Published: 14th April 2011 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 5th December 2023

carbon poker reviewCarbon Poker has some very unique software features which enhances the online poker experience some of these features include Deal it Twice, Rabbit Hunt, Player Accolades and players can use Carbon Poker Smilies at the tables.

Carbon Poker is currently the fourth biggest US friendly poker site, the online poker room started out in 2005 and has recently undergone some major changes to their software and website making the online poker room more modern and appealing to players.

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Carbon Poker Software Features

Carbon Poker may not be as popular as the two poker room giants Full Tilt Poker & Pokerstars but they have certainly kept up to date with all the latest features one would expect to see while playing poker online including a few extra features which makes them fairly unique.

Carbon Poker accept depositing US players and are currently in 4th position as one of the more popular US Poker sites with PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and UB Poker in the top 3 positions.

Carbon Poker is an excellent online poker solution if you have grown tired of the overpopulated rooms where sharks have access to your full hand histories and can figure out your playing styles or weakness.

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Players can also win real money playing the daily Carbon Poker freeroll tournaments with no deposit required to play.

Carbon Poker Software Features

Here are just some of the great features players can use when playing on the Carbon Poker software:

Deal It Twice

Like you see on the Poker TV shows where the pros go all-in with both players having a real good hand they normally deal the hand twice, players have the same option when playing real money cash games, the Deal It Twice option appears when only two players are all-in pre-flop or post-flop.

If both players agree to Deal It Twice they will be dealt two turn and river cards giving players more odds to improve on their dealt hand.

Rabbit Hunt

When you have been dealt a hand and you bet on a good drawing hand and the rest of the table folds, you may want to see what the rest of the cards were before going to on to the next hand. Once everyone has folded you will have the option to show cards, muck or Rabbit Hunt.

The dealer will then deal the remaining cards which will then be visible to the entire table including your hole cards.

Expose one card

This is a similar feature to show cards, once the table has folded to your bet, players have the option to expose one of their hole cards. Players can use this option to show when betting on top pair with a weak kicker, you can show any of your two hole cards which will be viewable to the whole table.

Time Bank

When faced with a really tough decision at the table you may need to call a time out to make your decision and analyze the board before making the wrong choice. This feature is called time bank and can be activated when playing cash games or tournaments.

Player Accolades

To brag about your poker achievements at Carbon Poker players can earn player accolades which show next to your Carbon Poker screen name. Every time a player wins a tournament or freeroll they will be awarded one of these trophies or ribbons to gain respect from the other players at the table.

There are also special accolades which can be earned on special occasions like a snowman in winter or a turkey on a thanksgiving day tournament.

Players also earn stars based on their play at the table, earn more stars by being a regular Carbon Poker player.

Carbon Poker Smilies or Emoticons

Below is Carbon Poker smilies list which players can use the following words in the chat box to show an animated smiley of certain situations while playing at the tables. Test them out for yourself the next time you are playing poker online at CarbonPoker. Click on the image below to see a full size image of the Carbon Poker Smilies in action.

carbon poker smilies

  • all in
  • angry
  • applaud
  • card dead
  • cash
  • chicken
  • cigar
  • clap
  • cluck
  • cooler
  • crash
  • cupid
  • dance
  • diet
  • donkey
  • drunk
  • fart
  • fish
  • flutter
  • friend
  • heater
  • hello
  • kiss
  • knockout
  • laugh
  • lets go
  • loser
  • luckbox
  • nudie run
  • oops
  • ouch
  • phew
  • phew
  • pray
  • rabbit
  • rain
  • river
  • rockon
  • save my daddy
  • save panda
  • save the panda
  • shark
  • shocked
  • showdown
  • shrug
  • sick
  • sigh
  • streaker
  • teehee
  • thanks for the money
  • tilt
  • turkey
  • turkeyshoot
  • valentine
  • violin
  • watcher
  • whosyourdaddy