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Published: 8th September 2008 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th December 2023

gridiron grind carbonpoker promotion - NFL styleThe American football season has recently kicked off and here is how you can get the NFL scoring system to really work in your favor with the new CarbonPoker monthly promotion entitled Gridiron Grind which is a combination of the best American past times Football and Poker.

While you play your comp points will unlock free cash prizes when participating in Gridiron Grind at Carbon Poker. Start playing today by making your first deposit at CarbonPoker, use our Carbon Poker bonus code 600PK to claim a 300% bonus on your deposit up to $600

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Get 5000 comp points to get your first down which awards you $5 cash from CarbonPoker. Players managing to go the distance could earn up to $2,500 by scoring all three touchdowns. For each touchdown you make there is an added cash prize bonus with a total of 33 prizes to be won.

Play poker and score big time on points or cash you will win with every ten yards or down you get Carbon Poker will reward you with a comp point and a corresponding cash payout bonus. The more points earned the greater your bonus winnings will be at CarbonPoker.

gridiron grind carbonpoker - NFL 2008 score system and NFL standings

  • CarbonPoker Gridiron Grind promotion runs between 1st-30th September 2008.
  • Allow up to 1 hour from completion until cash prize is credited to your player account.
  • All cash prizes will be paid with Freeroll Winnings coupons, which restricts the bonus cash from being drawn within seven days.
  • Bonus cash can be used at the tables instantly.
  • Players must win all 30 cash prizes and all 3 bonus prizes, but must complete all the comp point requirements for all thirty 10 yard gains. Comp points will only count towards one touchdown’s comp point requirements at a time.

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