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Published: 2nd July 2008 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 10th December 2023

Carbon Poker Summer Champs 2008It’s come to that time of year again, so warm up this summer with CarbonPoker’s inaugural Summer Championships.

The Summer Champs will be a series of events which run throughout the month and encompass 33 separate events, which is followed up by the Tournament of Champions with a $15,000 Jackpot finale.

Some events will award leader board points to the players who finish at the top of the leader board giving them access to the Grand Final. This year its not about the leader board or the overall winner, but more about securing your own unique starting stack in the “Tournament of Champions.”

Upon completion of the 33 Championship events, the top 250 players on the leader board will win entry to the “Tournament of Champions” and fight for their percent of Summer Champs Jackpot! The all NEW format is based on each players leader board result, they will be awarded unique starting stacks. So if you play well, your chances winning on Jackpot payday will be greater.

The 30 day event schedule has been cleverly designed to imitate the World Series Of Poker schedule and will host many championship events, with glory to be had in special tournaments like the Ladies Only, and the Intercontinental and American Championship.

All Championship event winners will receive a commemorative chip set and accolade to celebrate the victory.

This finale event will showcase some of our best players and have them pitted in an all out battle for the $15,000 minimum Jackpot.

Leader board points are awarded in reverse of the players field, example: if 100 players have entered a tournament, the first player knocked out will be awarded with 1 point, and the winner will be awarded with 100 points. The points are then multiplied by a rating which has been assigned for each specific event. An event valued with a rating of 2 and the field of 100 players would award 200 points to first place and 2 points to the first player knocked out.

Plus players who make it to the final table for each Championship event will have their leader board points multiplied for that event.

If the player that finishes first in a field of 100 players in an event that has a tournament rating of 2 they will end up with 500 Summer Champs Leader board points.

Formula: (reverse field order = 100) x rating (2) x Final Table Bonus (2.5) = 500 Championship Points

CarbonPoker Summer Champs Schedule:

Started: Sunday 1 June

Concludes: Sunday 30 June

CarbonPoker Tournament of Champions: Saturday 5 July @ 13:00

Read more for full schedule

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