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Published: 8th February 2016 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 11th December 2023

cash game missionsClaim your $50 cash prize for completing the Cash Game Missions on Party Poker starting this February and only running for a limited time.

The two new Party Poker missions must be completed on the cash game tables, in the first mission you must win a hand with every poker pair starting from 22 up to AA. The second mission you have to win with every poker hand rankings starting from a pair up to a Straight Flush in the correct order.

There is a $25 cash reward for completing each of the missions, are you up for the challenge?

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Cash Game Missions Party Poker

Have you got what it takes to complete the two new Party Poker missions and claim your $50 reward? The Cash Game Missions are running for a limited-time and players must complete the objectives to get their reward.partypoker bonus

  1. PartyPoker Download
  2. Make a first deposit for your welcome bonus
  3. Complete the Cash Game Missions Party Poker

To active the missions click on the Missions tab in the lobby and click on Start Mission, only one mission can be activated at a time. Players will receive $25 in cash for each mission they complete for a total of $50.

Cash Game Mission – Pocket Pairs

The Pocket Pairs mission requires players to win a hand with pocket pairs as their starting hand. Starting with pocket aces players will need to win with pocket pairs in descending order all the way to pocket twos ie: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 1010, 99, 88, 77, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22

Complete each pocket pair objective on the cash game tables to get a $25 cash reward on PartyPoker.

Cash Game Mission – Final Hands

The final hands mission requires players to win with specific poker hand rankings to showdown, starting from the lowest hand rank a pair all the way up to a straight flush in ranking order.

Here are the poker hand rankings: One Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind and Straight Flush.

This is no easy task as the final object getting a four of a kind and a straight flush could take some time to accomplish.

Complete each poker hand ranking objective on the cash game tables to get a $25 cash reward on PartyPoker.

Please note that all missions must be complete on the Hold’em cash game tables, only play on Hold’em Cash Game tables counts towards both Cash Game Missions, tournaments, SNG and head-up games are not valid for the promotion.