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Published: 23rd June 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 7th December 2023

FullTilt Poker Durrrr Challenge resultsAfter a fifteen hour Durrrr Challenge session last week Durrr managed to make an amazing comeback against Patrik Antonius, with Durrr now being way ahead in the grueling 50,000 hand heads-up challenge. Although they have almost reached the half way mark at this point with just over 20,000 hands played in a total playing time of 65 hours.

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There have been many delays because of time zone differences between the players. On Friday both players seemed ready to make a dent in the 50,000 hands schedule. On the 19th June 2009, Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius made some great progress in the Durrrr Challenge by playing more than 15 hours of Pot Limit Omaha at FullTilt Poker.

At the end of the day Tom Dwan recovered from his losing streak, which had him down about $640,000 at some point, to now being ahead of Patrik Antonius with Durrr leading by $726,500

There was some major high-stakes action taking place on the day with Patrik Antonius winning the biggest pot of $477,555.50. There were more than forty pots which reached $100,000 on the day although Antonius won the biggest it didn’t stop Durrrr from taking the lead.

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Durrrr Challenge

Durrrr Challenge biggest pot winnings on the 19th June 2009
06:23 ET     Patrik     $477,555.50
03:07 ET     Dwan     $408,394.50
03:00 ET     Dwan     $376,790.50
05:08 ET     Dwan     $353,759.50
08:55 ET     Dwan     $282,781.50
09:08 ET     Patrik     $277,962.50
06:55 ET     Dwan     $267,715.50
07:50 ET     Dwan     $256,118.50
04:18 ET     Dwan     $255,132.50

19th June 2009 Durrrr Challenge Statistics

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Completed Hands: 3,332
: Durrrr
Hands Played: 20,647 of 50,000
Total Bets: $158,095,312.00
Sessions Played: 30
Total Playing Time: 2 days 17hrs 48 minutes

Tom Dwan Statistics

Total Challenge Earnings: $726,546.50
Durrr Hands Won: 11,193
Average Pot winnings: $2,526.77

Patrik Antonius Statistics

Antonius Lost: $731,108.00
Antonius Hands Won: 9,389
Average Pot winnings: $2,934.61