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Published: 24th February 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th December 2023

FullTilt Poker Durrrr Challenge resultsThe Durrrr Challenge is now fully underway at FullTilt Poker with 3,952 hands already having been dealt in what to date has made for great match up, the ‘Durrrr Challenge’ features well known Team Full Tilt poker pro Patrik Antonius in a heads up match against renowned online poker pro ‘Durrrr’ – Tom Dwan.

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durrrr vs antonius_challenge

With the lead already changing several times between Antonius vs. Durrrr in the Durrrr Challenge at Full Tilt Poker the match up has been generating some huge pots in the heads up Omaha match with several pots in excess of $165,000 making a great spectacle for the many railbirds that have gathered to watch the two formidable pros go head to head in the gruelling 50000 hand challenge which has already seen $22,062,217 worth of action from the 3952 hands already dealt.

Yesterday, Tom Dwan aka Durrrr took down several key hands to retake the lead from Patrik Antonius with Durrrr continually being the aggressor putting Antonius under immense pressure playing the multi-tabled event which is Durrrr’s forte.

The current standings are after 3,952 hands Durrrr is $149,977.50 ahead, while it is still early days with another 46,048 hands needed to conclude the event the lead could easy sway to either of the Challengers should luck favour them on the day’s play.

antonius vs durrrr

Durrrr Challenge updated Stats:

Hands completed: 3,952 of 50K

Total Hands Won: DURRRR: 2,196 ANTONIUS: 1,741

Durrrr is winning by $149,977.50

Total Bet:$22,062,217.00

Total Sessions: 5

Time Played: 12hours 37mins


23 February 17:12 ET durrrr wins $166,580.50

23 February 17:40 ET durrrr wins $164,782.50

Watching the Durrrr Challenge as it unfolds live is easy, simply download Full Tilt Poker if FullTilt is not already installed on your computer after doing so log in, select the Requests tag, select Find a Player (Ctrl + F), enter “Durrrr” you will then see if he is currently online playing on the four Durrrr Challenge multi-tables simply select all the tables to open them up. Remember to enter our referral code for FullTilt Poker WAP to enable a 100% match up to $600 deposit bonus.

Bookmark our site (CTRL+D) to get the latest updates to find out who is winning the Durrrr challenge between Antonius vs Durrrr.

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The Durrrr Challenge was originally put out by Tom Dwan at 2+2 forum offering any poker player worldwide excluding “OMGClayAiken” Phil Galfond to a poker contest in which Durrrr would stake $1,5 million against $500,000 of anyone else willing to take him on playing four $200/$400 heads up tables consecutively over 50000 hands. The opponent had the choice to select either Pot Limit Omaha or No Limit Hold’em or a combination of both, should the contender end up ahead of Durrrr after 50000 hands are completed he will win the challenge and take down the $1.5 million side bet prize should the contestant loose he would be out of $500,000 in addition to keeping any money that was won during the sessions the winner keeps any other winnings earned during session play too.

The first match up is Patrik Antonius vs. Durrrr – Tom Dwan, Full Tilt Poker have provided four special Durrrr Challenge tables to cater for the contest. Other notable pros interested in Durrrr challenge include Phil Ivey and David Benyamine should Durrrr win we may even get to see round 2 or perhaps round 3 where he would challenge either Ivey or Benyamine.

FullTilt poker have remained open to USA poker players and are now the second most populated online network ensuring that games of all kinds are always available with promotions and special tournaments always in the works regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert provides an excellent venue for all your online poker needs.

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