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Published: 30th August 2010 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

durrrr vs jungleman12The 2nd Durrrr challenge is underway with Durrrr vs Jungleman12, this latest challenge will be completed much faster than the Patrik Antonius game because both players will be playing more than six tables at once.

The first session kicked off with 5,862 hands already being played, so far Daniel Cates (Jungleman12) is in the lead beating Tom Dwan by more than half a million dollars.

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Durrrr vs Jungleman12

Daniel Cates (Jungleman12) is Durrrr next opponent in the challenge where both players will play 50,000 hands of Heads-up no limit hold em at $200/$400 blinds. If Daniel Cates wins he will get an additional sidebet of $1.5 million, if Durrrr wins he will get $500,000 with Phil Ivey acting as escrow until the challenge is complete.

The players will run the hands twice for the entire challenge, they must also addon if their stacks fall below 75 big blinds and can leave the table if they have more than 250 big blinds.

Durrrr vs Jungleman12 Statistics

Jungleman12: +$518,191.50
Durrrr: -$519,295
Hands Played: 5,862
Jungleman12 VPIP: 69.2%
Durrrr VPIP: 65.0%
Jungleman12 hands won: 62%
Durrrrhands hands won: 38%

jungleman12 vs durrrr

Daniel Cates – Jungleman12

Daniel Cates started playing poker online at Full Tilt Poker, he began playing $0.25/$0.50 Heads-up No Limit holdem and managed to increase in limits and made more than $100k in his first year. By 2009 he was playing $25/$50 and made more than a million dollars online using strict poker bankroll management.

The 20 year old High Stakes Poker player known as Jungleman12 has already played against the best online including Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Isildur1.

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Durrrr vs Patrik Antonius

While the first challenge with Tom Dwan versus Patrik Antonius has not yet completed, Durrrr is currently in good position to win with about 10,000 hands remaining with Durrrr in the lead by more than $2 million. The first durrrr challenge has taken more than 18 months probably because both players are in a different time zone and Patrik Antonius has never really been a multitable player.

Tom Dwan Statistics

Total Amount Won $2,059,719.50
Hands Won: 20,700

Patrik Antonius Statistics

Total Amount Lost ($2,068,599.00)
Hands Won: 18,593

The Durrrr Challenge Stats

Hands Played:  39,436
Total Bet $342,257,728.50
Sessions Played: 64
Total Time: 5days 5 hrs 59 minutes

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