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Published: 11th January 2013 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 3rd December 2023

fastforward pokerFastForward Poker is a new addition to the Bwin Poker software, the action packed poker game that increases the amount of poker hands played per hour.

In FastForward Poker there is less time spent waiting for other players at the table, if you don’t like the hand you are dealt simply fold it and you will instantly be shifted to a new table for your next hand.

Currently FastForward Poker is only available in cash game format, but that also includes heads-up poker games where you can challenge a new opponent every hand.

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FastForward Poker

Experience one of the fastest online poker games at Bwin Poker, FastForward Poker is a fast fold poker game. The concept still utilizes standard poker rules except for the following:

  • Players can fold their hand before it’s their turn to act using the Forward Fold button.
  • Every time a player folds they are moved to a new table with different players for the next hand

This increases the action and amount of poker hands played per hour, perfect for adrenalin junkies.

Download Bwin Poker – FastForward Poker games are available with stakes starting from as low as $0.01/0.02. Download and install the software, create a free Bwin Poker account and get a 500 EUR bonus when making your first deposit.

FastForward Poker Bwin

Login to the Bwin Poker lobby and click on the FastForward tab, then select your stake level to start playing FastForward Poker. If FastForward Poker is still not fast enough players have the option of playing up to four separate tables at the same time.

Normally players who have paid the big blind the least amount of times will be seated in that position, as soon as players are dealt cards they have the option to use the Forward Fold button to instantly fold and move on to a new table.  The table will feature new players and you will be dealt your next hole cards.

Bwin Poker App

Play poker for Android and iPhone, the Bwin Poker App offers real money online poker games plus an offline game which lets players test their poker skills for free against computerized opponents. The Bwin Poker App is a free download, the file is less than a 1mb to download.