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Published: 4th July 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 5th December 2023

Phil Ivey dismisses lawsuit vs Full Tilt in Ivey vs. Full Tilt Poker lawsuitA bit of good news for Full Tilt Poker fans, if there are any left, the Ivey vs. Tiltware lawsuit was dismissed on 30 June 2011; the case was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice by Phil Ivey.  It is rumored that a group of European investors are interested in purchasing a majority stake in Full Tilt Poker which would be one step closer to seeing all USA FullTilt poker accounts paid out.

PokerStars have benefited the most from Full Tilt Poker’s closure, they have seen a surge in their player numbers since Full Tilt Poker closed; they have reportedly claimed 66% of FullTiltPoker’s players.

The big question everyone is now asking is: When will Full Tilt Poker open again?

When will Full Tilt Poker open?

Well the answer is that no one really knows the exact date when Full Tilt will reopen, with such a huge brand name we are sure they will open in the near future but the problem is they would have lost loads of confidence from their players which will require lots of coaxing to draw them back to the once so popular poker room.

It is no secret that FullTiltPoker is looking for some serious cash injection to settle their US debt and pay out all American player balances after they had funds confiscated by the DOJ after their previous closure in the USA known as Black Friday.

Odds are looking good that Full Tilt have found investors to buy a majority stake in the company, with the Full Tilt Poker Lawsuit vs. Ivey out the way, things are looking even better.

We can only sit on the side-lines to see events as they unfold, will FullTilt Poker recover from this major blow? Time will only tell.

One thing for sure is that massive damage has already inflicted by Full Tilt Poker to the online poker market with many poker players having their bankrolls tied up and stuck at Full Tilt Poker which in turn would have created a lack of confidence amongst poker players worldwide facing the uncertainty of the current online poker market.

PokerStars seem to have captured the moment by ensuring all their USA players were paid out and resuming business as usual even without their USA players they seem well and truly on a path to success after years of contention with Full Tilt they appear to have massively increased the gap, something which Full Tilt Poker may never fully recover from even if they do reopen soon.

We have list of alternate poker rooms to Full Tilt, with several poker rooms that allow USA poker players.