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Published: 20th January 2010 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

rush poker full tilt - Full Tilt Poker have added a new exciting poker format called Rush Poker to their games lobby, players can now experience the rush, which the Poker Pros are all raving about, for themselves by downloading the software. Rush Poker is a high speed ring game, when the player folds he is directed to a new table and dealt a new hand instantly.

The new concept is the fastest poker game in the world and with the average of up to 500 hands per hour.

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Rush Poker Full Tilt Poker

Players can experience a much faster game play with less time waiting for hands by using Quick Fold to instantly transfer you to another table until you find a hand worth playing. On the upside players won’t be able to read how you play because of the constant table changing but then at the same time you won’t get a chance to read them.

Full Tilt Rush Poker is exclusive and patent pending, you won’t find this new style of poker at any other poker site.

Rush Poker is basically a large multi table cash game with players shifting between tables it’s almost like a massive version of musical chairs (poker style) where you are dealt a hand and if you don’t like the music fold and shift.

When joining a table you can select what stakes you would like to play and choose a table (6 or 9 handed) by the amount of players or hands played per hour. There is a three second countdown and then the intense poker rush begins first hand you will post a big blind to join just like a regular ring game, when you transfer to a new table the player who has gone the longest without paying his blinds become the big blind at the new table and a random small blind.

There is no time bank pre-flop unless someone raise before your turn to play. The Rush Poker game allows you to also multi table by repeatedly clicking on Join Now and play up to eight tables in the same game the software will never seat you at the same table. The software also will never seat you at the same table with opponents you have just play in the previous hand.

Full Tilt Points are earn at the same rate as the normal ring games 1 FTP for every $1 raked in the pot

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Team Full Tilt Poker comments:

“Rush Poker is a great way to learn the game of poker.” – Howard Lederer
“Rush Poker is the greatest innovation since poker started on the Internet.” – Chris Ferguson
“This is what poker should be: a game of action.” – Andy Bloch
“Lots of hands, lots of action; I’m going to be playing a lot of Rush Poker.” – Gus Hansen
“Rush Poker is a grinder’s paradise. It’s a totally new way to play poker.” – Patrik Antonius

How to find the Full Tilt Rush Poker games

In the FullTilt Poker lobby select Real Money > Rush Poker > Hold’em > No Limit

rush poker lobby

The old classic view of Full Tilt Poker does not support the new Rush Poker games so make sure you use the new Standard or Basic views to find Rush Poker games to play.

Rush Poker Preview

Full Tilt pokerrushpoker rush
Full Tilt Poker rushFullTilt Poker rush
FullTiltPoker rush pokerFull Tilt Poker rush
rush Poker Full Tilt Pokerrush Poker FullTilt

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There is a new full tilt poker software update when you open the lobby you maybe getting errors trying to update FullTilt. Whenever there is a new software update its recommended that you open your Windows start menu right click on Full Tilt Poker and run the program as administrator. I had to do this twice when trying to update to the latest software version.

full tilt poker update error