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Published: 29th July 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 5th December 2023

Full Tilt Poker closed when will FullTilt reopen again?Full Tilt Poker has delayed their license review hearing with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) until no later than 15 September 2011.

Everyone was hoping the entire ordeal would be quickly and efficiently dealt with, then Full Tilt Poker could reopen, loose a few players, pay out all their outstanding cashouts including American players and affiliates but this turned out not to be the case.

Full Tilt Poker Still Closed

usa poker onlineFullTilt’s licence hearing was scheduled to take place at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel in London on 26 July 2011, the hearing got underway as planned with Martin Heslop Full Tilt’s legal representative requesting the AGCC representatives to adjourn the meeting until a later date citing the interests of justice to hold the meeting privately along with commercial sensitivity regarding negotiations for a new investor which could prejudice the case. It emerged that Full Tilt owes the AGCC around £250,000 in licensing fees which Heslop stated would be paid within a week if Full Tilt were still licensed by the AGCC.

The AGCC spent the day deliberating; then concluded that they did not enter into the decision lightly, based on the best interests of justice and Full Tilt Poker customers, the hearing will be adjourned to no later than 15 September 2011. In order to allow FullTilt to pursue their advanced investment negotiations, this may result in a better outcome for their players.

We were all hoping for a much different outcome from Full Tilt Poker, but I guess this shows they really are in a heap of financial trouble after the AGCC suspended their license on 29 June 2011.

The AGCC suspended FullTilt’s license shortly after Black Friday which saw top poker names having their domains and funds seized by the US DOJ, Full Tilt then reached an agreement with the DOJ that they would no longer remain open in the USA and return funds to US poker players, when Full Tilt failed to pay their American players and those subsequently from around the world the AGCC suspended their license. Full Tilt have since just been delaying at every given opportunity by not acquiring another license from elsewhere and trying to get investors on board to rescue the once so famous poker brand.

When will Full Tilt Poker reopen?

I’m sure many Full Tilt Poker hopefuls like me are truly disappointed with this news and makes you wonder if they can ever restore their now heavily tarnished brand name which has been dragged through the mud for months now, when and if we ever see Full Tilt Poker reopen is now the big question surely all these delays are detrimental to their player confidence which may very well turn out that their mystery investors are buying a black sheep in Full Tilt Poker.