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Published: 29th October 2010 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 5th December 2023

full tilt poker super sng madnessThe Full Tilt Poker Super Sit & Go Madness promotion takes place from 5th – 7th November 2010, players can win their share of more than $150,000 cash and entries into the $75K Super Madness FullTilt Poker Freeroll. Play STT SNG games or Super Turbo Sit and Gos during the promotional dates on FullTiltPoker to qualify for these excellent prizes.

Players can also win Full Tilt Poker gear in the Madness raffle which includes poker tables, shirts and caps.

Get a 100% first deposit bonus up to $600 including entry into the $100k monthly Full Tilt Poker Freeroll.

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Full Tilt Poker Super Sit & Go Madness

The weekend Full Tilt Poker SNG promotion returns with bigger and better prizes to be won in a faster format, players can also play Super Turbo SNG games to qualify for prizes in the madness weekend. There is more than $150,000 in prizes to be won plus qualifying players get free entry to the Super Madness Freeroll which has a prize pool of $75,000. Win Full Tilt Poker gear by earning tickets to the SNG Madness raffle.

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Join in on all the action from 5th – 7th November 2010

Super SNG Madness

The madness weekend will be split into 24 blocks of two hours during the 48 hours, the top 7 players in each group who earn the most points playing SNG games within a two hour period will win cash prizes as shown in the table below.

GROUP A ($1 to $2)GROUP B ($5 – $11)GROUP C ($20 – $35)GROUP D ($50 – $110)

Overall Leaderboards

Players who perform the best over the entire weekend in each group also qualify for a $5,000 Full Tilt Poker Freeroll, winners are determined by the best performance within a two hour period over the whole weekend.

Example: A player in group A earns 100 points on Friday and then manages to earn 150 points on Saturday, his best performance of 150 points will be his leaderboard score.

The top two players ranking in the overall leaderboard for each group get free entry into a $5,000 Freeroll with only 8 players registered, the freeroll pays out the top 3 positions in the poker freeroll tournament.

Super Turbo Sit & Gos

Full Tilt Poker have included Super Turbo SNG games to the madness weekend, these games are faster than the regular games players start with only 300 chips and faster blinds. One game lasts about 15 minutes compared to the regular games which last up to an hour.

Players who play these Super Turbo online poker games will only earn half the amount of leaderboard points during the promotion.

Full Tilt Poker Super Madness Freeroll

To qualify for the Full Tilt Poker Super Madness Freeroll players must win at least three SNG games during the weekend of madness promotion, qualifying players will receive a free tournament ticket.

Full Tilt Poker Super Madness Freeroll
Date: 13th November 2010
Time: 16:50 ET
Buy-in: Qualifying players
Game Type: Texas Holdem Poker Super Turbo
Prize Pool: $75,000

Full Tilt Poker Madness Raffle

Get your tickets to the madness raffle by finishing in the top 3 places in a nine handed SNG or Top 2 places in a six handed SNG game. Players will get one ticket to the draw every time the finish in top places. Win Full Tilt Poker gear in the Madness raffle which includes poker tables, Tournaments tickets, shirts and caps see below for all prizes from the Full Tilt Poker Store.

Main Prize:
Full Tilt Poker Table, 500 Piece Chip Set, Black & Red Leather Poker Deck Case x 1

Additional prizes:

  • Step 6 Tournament Ticket x 10
  • Step 5 Tournament Ticket x 25
  • Step 4 Tournament Ticket x 75
  • Step 3 Tournament Ticket x 100
  • Full Tilt Poker Shirt x 300
  • Full Tilt Poker cap x 600

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