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Published: 14th August 2012 Written by Poker News
Updated: 4th December 2023

Full Tilt Poker Reopening 6th November 2012 - Fulltilt is set to open and relaunchThe long awaited question of when will Full Tilt Poker open has finally been answered, add 6th November 2012 to your calendar as the date that Full Tilt Poker will officially reopen and be ready for action once again as an online poker room.

Full Tilt Poker will this time however be under totally different management and all player balances will be restored except for US and regulated European regions.

The newly formed Full Tilt poker management team will be independent of PokerStars and based out of Dublin, Ireland meaning they will not follow the mould of Pokerstars in terms of promotions, marketing, and tournaments but will instead be left to create their own brand to compete with Poker Stars.

USA players will look to the DOJ to repay their outstanding balances and will no longer be permitted to play at the re-launched FullTilt site.

Players from France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Estonia and Denmark the European regulated regions will be assisted by their regulators with plans in place for those regions to allow transfers of Full Tilt Poker balances to a PokerStars account in the region.

Luckily for all players who were owed money by FullTiltPoker, PokerStars reached an agreement with the US DOJ that grants all Full Tilt Poker assets to PokerStars. Part of the agreement reached includes the payment of all Full Tilt Poker players worldwide within 90 days.

Full Tilt Poker Reopening

There has already been a major revamp to the website that has seen the removal of Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson along with all the pros from the home page, most other pages have  been deleted apart from the How to play sections, Rush Poker and Rush Poker Mobile all in preparation for the long awaited Full Tilt Poker reopening.

PokerStars are sure to use Rush Poker and Full Tilt Mobile poker to boost revenue at FullTilt as they have seen the amount of revenue such games produce via their own Zoom poker from which the original concept was arguably stolen from Full Tilt.

The new Full-Tilt Poker website theme remains much the same as it was previously but downloads of Full Tilt Poker software are currently not available and link to the FAQ section.

The Full Tilt Poker FAQ’s goes a long way to answering many questions people may have regarding where they stand and what the future plans for the full Tilt brand are but fall short of answering all queries which is understandable given the short time frame PokerStars have owned Full Tit for.

Some interesting points to note are that PokerStars are pondering allowing transferring funds between FullTilt and Pokerstars and vice versa. FTP points are another hotly contested point that PokerStars have said they will find a fair resolution for. the European version of will be added for players from Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Romania, Sweden, Poland and Denmark

To date FullTilt does have plans to reopen in France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Estonia or any of the regulated European poker regions

I’m sure many issues have not yet been discussed or decided upon by management; time will only tell what the outcome will be for the once so popular online poker room.

2 Responses to Full Tilt Poker to Reopen 6 November 2012?
  • Hi Tom,
    We no longer support Full Tilt Poker since Pokerstars took over and refused to pay us, we may reassess if they open a new affiliate program in 2013.

  • Tom says:

    Krijg je alsnog de 3x 100% first deposit bonus wanneer je allang geregistreerd (en gestort) bent op Fulltilt poker voor 29 juni 2011, of MOET je een nieuw account aanmaken om deel te nemen aan deze first deposit package?



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