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Published: 5th September 2008 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th December 2023

full tilt hunt for happy hour promotionFullTilt Poker offer you the chance to earn triple point in their latest Hunt For Happy Hour promotion. The regular double up points earned during Happy Hour still apply but if you find the Hunt for Happy Hour you will get rewarded with 3 times the standard FullTilt Poker Points while playing.

Download Full-Tilt and use WAP as your FullTilt Poker bonus code to enable a 100% match of your deposit bonus up to $600, then log in to the My Promotions and look out for the Hunt For Happy Hour times.

Download FullTilt Poker FullTilt Poker bonuses  download Full Tilt Poker

Download Full Tilt Poker bonus code

When a H³ period occurs during the regular Happy Hour, you will earn triple points for an entire 2 hour period and if it happens to overlap into an existing regular Happy Hour you’ll earn triple points for a full 3 hours.

H³ lets you rack up your Full Tilt Points alot faster than ever before. FullTilt Poker Points can be used to purchase quality gear and signature merchandise at the FullTilt Poker Store or they can be used to buy into special tournaments.

Download Full-Tilt Poker and log in to the My Promotions page at the Cashier. Look for the specially designated Hunt For Happy Hour times. Search for H³ tables and start earning triple times the standard Full Tilt Points. H³ game times change each day so keep an eye out every day so you don’t miss your opportunity to triple your Full-Tilt points.

FullTilt poker offer a huge bonus, a 100% match of your deposit up to $600when signing up and making your first cash deposit, to enable your bonus just use FullTiltpoker bonus code WAP when signing up for a new player account.

Download Full Tilt PokerFullTilt Poker bonuses  download Full Tilt Poker