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Published: 28th July 2017 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 2nd December 2023

micromillions schedule pokerstars tournamentsSee the MicroMillions schedule for the biggest micro-stakes PokerStars tournaments which run until Sunday 30th July, 2017.

Don’t miss out on the million guaranteed MicroMillions Main Event which has a low buy-in of only $22.

The series featured 129 online poker tournaments and ends this weekend with the Main Event of the MicroMillions 13 series.

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MicroMillions Schedule PokerStars Tournaments

Micro-stakes poker players can enjoy playing for the biggest prize pools for the lowest buy-ins in the PokerStars MicroMillions 13. Play for millions of dollars including the million guaranteed PokerStars MicroMillions Main Event tournament with a buy-in of $22.

The MicroMillions series runs from July 16-31 with a selection of 129 micro-stakes online poker tournaments online at PokerStars.

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PokerStars MicroMillions Schedule 2017

MicroMillions-103: NLHE [4-Max]28 July04:00$1.10$5,000
MicroMillions-104: NLHE [8-Max, Win the Button]28 July06:00$3.30$10,000
MicroMillions-105: NLHE [Ante Up]28 July08:00$3.30$15,000
MicroMillions-106: NL 2-7 Single Draw28 July10:00$3.30$7,500
MicroMillions-107: NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]28 July12:00$5.50$50,000
MicroMillions-108: NLHE [Splash]28 July14:00$1.10$50,000
MicroMillions-109: PLO8 [6-Max]28 July15:00$5.50$20,000
MicroMillions-110: NLHE [Turbo, Zoom]28 July18:00$5.50$15,000
MicroMillions-111: NLHE [8-Max]28 July21:00$1.10$5,000
MicroMillions-112: NLHE [6-Max]29 July04:00$3.30$20,000
MicroMillions-113: NLHE [Win the Button]29 July06:00$5.50$15,000
MicroMillions-114: NLHE [Progressive KO]29 July08:00$1.10$10,000
MicroMillions-115: NLHE [Heads-Up, Turbo, Zoom, KO]29 July10:00$5.50$30,000
MicroMillions-116: NLHE [Saturday Splash SE]29 July11:00$2.20$50,000
MicroMillions-117: NLHE [Progressive KO]29 July14:00$3.30$50,000
MicroMillions-118: HORSE29 July15:00$3.30$15,000
MicroMillions-119: NLHE [6-Max, Bubble Rush]29 July18:00$1.10+R$15,000
MicroMillions-120: 5-Card NLO8 [6-Max]29 July21:00$5.50$10,000
MicroMillions-121: NLHE30 July04:00$1.10+R$10,000
MicroMillions-122: NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO]30 July06:00$3.30$15,000
MicroMillions-123: NLHE30 July08:00$1.10$10,000
MicroMillions-124: 8-Game30 July10:00$3.30$10,000
MicroMillions-125: NLHE [Progressive KO]30 July12:00$5.50$150,000
MicroMillions-126: [Main Event]30 July14:00$22$1,000,000
MicroMillions-127: PLO [6-Max]30 July15:00$5.50$30,000
MicroMillions-128: NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]30 July18:00$3.30$25,000
MicroMillions-129: NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO]30 July21:00$5.50$30,000