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Published: 7th July 2017 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 10th December 2023

stars rewards program pokerstarsPokerStars have launched their brand new Stars Rewards program which offers players prizes for their points earned.

When players earn points and complete the progress bar they’ll receive a chest with with random prizes including StarsCoins, cash, tournament tickets and bonuses.

To celebrate the launch of the PokerStars rewards program there is $10 million in cash prizes hidden in 1,000 random chests each containing $1,000 in cash.

PokerStars Review

Stars Rewards Program – PokerStars

This is the new Stars Rewards program which rewards players for playing real money games on Stars products and platforms including: Poker, Casino and bets.

Start earn points now to take advantage of the launch of the PokerStars rewards program and you could win your share of the $10 million in cash.

Every time you complete the progress bar playing real money games you’ll receive a chest with prizes including the chance to win a $1,000 in cash.

Reward Chests

Players will receive personalized chests that have prizes based on their gameplay on Stars products. This includes: cash, bonuses, tickets or starcoins that can be used to purchase items from the rewards store.

Currently there are six levels of chests with different prize values that can be won: Red Chests, Blue Chests, Bronze Chests, Silver Chests, Gold Chests or Platinum Chests.

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Stars Rewards $10 Million Promotion

Celebrating the new rewards program PokerStars are adding an extra $10 million in cash prizes. Players can win a $1,000 in cash if they manage to get one of the 1000 random chests containing the special promotional prize.

Players can earn as many chests as they like per day by completing the progress bar, the different chest levels offer a probability of winning one of the random $1,000 chests.

Each time a chest has been claim players will climb levels for even bigger rewards, the point required to complete the progress bar will also increase. See the table below for your chances of winning one on the $1,000 chests.

Red Chest1 in 40,000
Blue Chest1 in 20,000
Bronze Chest1 in 8,000
Silver Chest1 in 4,000
Gold Chest1 in 2,000
Platinum Chest1 in 1,000