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Published: 26th May 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 5th December 2023

no bad beats poker Sick of that calling station who always manages to win by a suck-out on the river with some runner runner poker hand?

The latest June Update of the UWin Poker software includes Bad Beat Guard tables where players are refunded whenever they have a better winning percentage against their opponent at the time of going all-in.

The latest poker technology is sure to stop many frustrating Poker Bad Beats from getting players down.

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No More Poker Bad Beats

bad beat poker The game of poker is forever changing especially when it comes to online poker, like the new concept of No Bad Beat tables where the software is designed to refund players their full contribution to the pot wherever they experience a Poker Bad Beat.

Now you might be wandering how the hell this all works?

There are special Bad Beat Guard poker tables which will have a Bad Beat cutoff percentage for example you join a table which has a Bad Beat guard of 70% this is the cutoff percentage considered to be a Bad Beat.

The rules are fairly simple, standard poker rules apply until there are more than two players all-in, at the time the players pushed and were called the software then calculates each players odds/win rate, this percentage is shown next to each players name until showdown is reached.

The win rate is calculated by the players hole cards including the amount of community cards dealt at the time of going all-in. Basically a built in Poker Odds Calculator determines the percentage of the players odds of winning the hand.

If any player has a win rate higher than 70% the Bad Beat Guard table percentage and loses to his opponent with a lower win rate, the Bad Beat Poker player will be reimbursed fully for that hand.

These new patent pending No Bad Beat tables are available in both Ring Games and Poker Tournament format. Download the No Bad Beat Poker software and try it out for yourself.

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