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Published: 2nd August 2011 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 5th December 2023

bad beat pokerBad Beats are probably the worst thing you can experience when playing poker, play on the UWin Poker Bad Beat Guard tables and you will be refunded your contribution to the pot when losing with the best poker hand.

The new Bad Beat Guard tables offer players protection in these situations, the patent pending concept is a brilliant addition to online poker. The game is full of action and very profitable for players who know their odds and percentages of winning the hand.

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UWin Poker Bad Beat Guard Tables

The Bad Beat Guard poker tables is a very unique concept and can only be played exclusively on UWin Poker or Everleaf Gaming Network poker rooms. These cash games tables are available from $0.05/$0.10 up to $5/$10 stakes.

This is the basic idea of how the Bad Beat Poker software works:

The table has a default percentage of what qualifies for a Bad Beat which is normally about 70%, players winning percentage must be higher than this amount at the time of going all-in. When more than one player is all-in at any point before the river card, the players percentages are shown with their exposed hole cards. If the player with the highest win rate (above 70%) loses the hand to another player with a lower win rate at showdown they will be refunded their entire contribution from the pot.

Here are some examples of the Bad Beat Poker software in action, thanks to the great poker hand replayer that is also included in the poker room software you can view your hands and share them online. Click on the links below

Bad Beat Poker – Example 1
Bad Beat Poker – Example 2
Bad Beat Poker – Example 3
Bad Beat Poker – Example 4

Pocket Aces are the best starting hand in poker so you should have no fear of sucking out when shoving all-in pre-flop, you are either refunded if you lose or you will win a big pot. Here is an example of a pocket aces all-in preflop although this example is not a Bad Beat you can see the players percentages as the hand is played out.

You can find these Bad Beat Guard tables by clicking on Hold’em -> No Limit in the UWinPoker lobby.

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