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Published: 20th May 2016 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 11th December 2023

online poker tournament scheduleThis weekend the 20-23 May, 2016, there is a jammed packed online poker tournament schedule available from PokerStars, 888poker and PartyPoker.

There are three tournaments series: PokerStars SCOOP 2016, 888Poker XL Series & Party Poker Power Series which all feature Main Events that guarantee millions in prize pools over the next three days.

Start planning your schedule and make the most out of these massive guaranteed poker tournaments. There will be satellite tournaments running all weekend allowing players to win seats to these events for a fraction of the direct buy-in amounts.

Online Poker Tournament Schedule May 2016

Sink your teeth into the juiciest guaranteed prize pools this weekend with a great selection of events on the online poker tournament schedule for 20-23 May.
888 poker super xl series

888Poker XL Series

The 888 Poker Super XL Series takes place between 14-22 May, 2016 with a total of $3 million in guaranteed prize pools.

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DateTimeEventBuy-inPrize Pool
20th May 201618:00 GMT$25,000 Knockout Event$150$25,000
18:00 GMT$10,000 Mini Knockout Event$35$10,000
20:00 GMT$10,000 Turbo Knockout Event$75$10,000
21st May 201618:00 GMT$50,000 6 Max Event$160$50,000
18:00 GMT$10,000 Mini 6 Max Event$30$10,000
20:00 GMT$10,000 Turbo 6 Max Event$55$10,000
22nd May 201615:05 GMTMega satellite to Main Event$21550 seats GTD
16:30 GMT$150,000 Mega Deep$215$150,000
17:00 GMT$1,000,000 Main Event$1,050$1,000,000
17:00 GMT$150,000 Mini Main Event$160$150,000
17:30 GMT$15,000 Micro Main Event$5$15,000
20:00 GMT$30,000 Turbo Main Event$109$30,000
21:00 GMT$15,000 Super Turbo Main Event$75$15,000

party poker powerfest series

Party Poker Power Series

The Party Poker Power Series takes place between 1-22 May, 2016 and offers over $7.8 million in combined guaranteed prize pools, 172 poker tournaments, 3 weeks with four stake levels.

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DateEventTournamentTime (CET)Buy-in
Friday, 20.05.2016145$20,000 Gtd Freezeout16:00$109
146$50,000 Gtd Freezeout18:00$109
147$100,000 Gtd Freezeout20:00$109
148$100,000 Gtd High Roller20:00$530
149$20,000 Gtd Bounty Turbo21:00$109
150$20,000 Gtd 6-Max Turbo22:00$109
151$25,000 Gtd High Roller 6-Max Turbo22:00$530
152$20,000 Gtd Turbo23:00$109
Saturday, 21.05.2016153$20,000 Gtd Freezeout14:00$109
154$20,000 Gtd Freezeout16:00$109
155$50,000 Gtd Freezeout18:00$109
156$100,000 Gtd Freezeout20:00$109
157$100,000 Gtd High Roller20:00$530
158$20,000 Gtd Bounty Turbo21:00$109
159$20,000 Gtd 6-Max Turbo22:00$109
160$25,000 Gtd High Roller 6-Max Turbo22:00$530
161$20,000 Gtd Turbo23:00$109
Sunday, 22.05.2016162$50,000 Gtd Freezeout14:00$109
163$100,000 Gtd Freezeout16:00$109
164$200,000 Gtd Freezeout18:00$109
165Main Event $500K Gtd Freezeout20:00$215
166$300,000 Gtd High Roller20:00$530
167Main Event $1,000,000 Gtd High Roller20:00$1,050
168$1,000,000 Gtd Super High Roller20:00$5,200
169$50,000 Gtd Bounty Turbo21:00$109
170$50,000 Gtd 6-Max Turbo22:00$109
171$50,000 Gtd High Roller 6-Max Turbo22:00$530
172$50,000 Gtd Turbo23:00$109

pokerstars scoop 2016

PokerStars SCOOP 2016

The PokerStars SCOOP 2016 is the biggest online poker series with a massive $40 in guaranteed prize pools to be won between 8-22 May, 2016. Each event is avaiable across three different stake levels: low, medium and high.

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SCOOP-43: NL Hold’em [1R1A]20 May10:00
SCOOP-44: HORSE20 May13:00
SCOOP-45: NL Hold’em [3-Max, Turbo, Progressive Knockout, Zoom]20 May16:00
SCOOP-46: PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max]21 May10:00
SCOOP-48: Stud21 May12:30
$215SCOOP-49: NL Hold’em [Heads-Up, High-Roller]21 May14:00
SCOOP-50: NL Hold’em [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout]21 May17:00
SCOOP-47: NL Hold’em [Mix-Max, Part 2: 6-Max]21 May18:00
SCOOP-52: NL Hold’em [8-Max]22 May11:00
SCOOP-53: NL Single Draw 2-722 May12:30
SCOOP-54: NL Hold’em Main Event22 May14:30
SCOOP-55: NL Hold’em Wrap-Up [Turbo, Ultra-Deep, Progressive Super-Knockout]22 May17:00
SCOOP-51: NL Hold’em [Day 2]23 May08:00