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Published: 21st January 2014 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 11th December 2023

party poker tournament schedule 2014The new Party Poker tournament schedule includes more than 400 extra tournaments added to the weekly schedule.

Tournaments include a variety of poker game types not only Texas Holdem Poker, but Omaha and Stud also.

The Party Poker Sunday Majors are the biggest tournaments of the week, daily guaranteed tournaments are available for players during the weekdays.

Players can win their seats to Major Live poker tournaments like the World Poker Tour and WSOP.

PartyPoker software also allows players to participate in tournament missions and earn rewards.

PartyPoker Review

Party Poker Tournament Schedule 2014

PartyPoker have increased the amount of tournaments and upped the guarantees to offer players more value everyday of the week with a wide range of poker games and buy-ins added to the new tournament schedule.

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Party Poker Sunday Majors

Sunday is the best day for playing poker tournaments there is more than $450k in guaranteed prize pools to be won each week.

TournamentDateTime (ET)Buy-in
$5,000 Guaranteed Deep StackSunday05:05$100
$2,000 Guaranteed Turbo RebuySunday07:30$1
$10,000 Guaranteed RebuySunday11:45$5
$10,000 Guaranteed Super BountySunday13:00$50
$10,000 Guaranteed Hyper RebuySunday13:30$2
Sunday Omaha $5,000 Guaranteed RebuySunday13:45$20
$200,000 GuaranteedSunday14:00$200
$1,000 Guaranteed FL 7StudSunday14:15$20
$50,000 GuaranteedSunday14:30$100
$1,000 Sunday Heads-UpSunday14:45$20
$100,000 GuaranteedSunday15:00$500
Sunday Omaha 8 $5,000 Guaranteed RebuySunday15:15$20
$15,000 GuaranteedSunday16:00$50
$12,500 Guaranteed HyperSunday16:30$100
$20,000 Guaranteed TurboSunday17:00$100
$5,000 Guaranteed Hyper RebuySunday19:30$1
$10,000 GuaranteedSunday21:00$100

Party Poker Daily Majors

The daily guaranteed poker tournaments feature more than $70k spread across 11 daily events.

TournamentDateTime (ET)Buy-in
$2,500 Gtd 6Max Turbo RebuyMonday – Friday08:40$20
$6,000 Gtd RebuyMonday – Saturday12:30$5
$5,000 GtdMonday – Friday12:50$20
$5,000 Gtd Hyper Turbo RebuyMonday – Friday13:45$1
$25,000 Gtd RebuyMonday – Friday14:00$50
$10,000 Gtd Turbo RebuyMonday – Friday14:30$10
$15,000 GtdMonday – Saturday15:00$200
$12,500 GtdMonday – Saturday16:00$50
$10,000 Gtd TurboMonday – Saturday17:00$100
$5,000 Hyper RebuyMonday – Friday20:35$1
$5,000 GtdMonday – Saturday21:00$50

Party Poker Saturday Majors

Party Poker Saturday line-up is just as inviting with 9 warm-up events to get you through to the Sunday Majors.

TournamentDateTime (ET)Buy-in
$5,000 Guaranteed DeepstackSaturday05:05$100
$1,500 Guaranteed 6Max TurboSaturday06:40$1
$1,000 Guaranteed RebuySaturday08:35$0.50
$5,000 GuaranteedSaturday12:50$20
$5,000 Guaranteed Hyper Turbo RebuySaturday13:45$1
$30,000 GuaranteedSaturday14:00$200
$10,000 Guaranteed Turbo RebuySaturday14:30$10
$5,000 Guaranteed Hyper RebuySaturday20:35$1
$2,000 Guaranteed HyperSaturday23:00$20

Party Poker Bounty Majors

Win extra cash by eliminating players from the Bounty tournaments, every player has a price on their head.

TournamentDateTime (ET)Buy-in
$4,000 Guaranteed BountySundays11:00$5
$10,000 Guaranteed Super BountySundays13:00$50
$5,000 Guaranteed Turbo BountyMonday – Saturday13:30$100
$3,500 Guaranteed BountySundays18:30$20
$1,000 Guaranteed Turbo BountyMonday – Sundays22:30$20

Party Poker Omaha Majors

PartyPoker also offer a range of Omaha poker tournaments to mix up your poker game from the regular Texas Holdem Poker format.

TournamentDateTime (ET)Buy-in
Sunday Omaha $5,000 Guaranteed RebuySundays13:45$20
Sunday Omaha 8 $5,000 Guaranteed RebuySundays15:15$20
$2,500 Guaranteed PLO 8Monday – Saturday13:40$50
$2,500 Guaranteed PLOMonday – Saturday15:40$50
$3,000 Guaranteed PLOMonday – Saturday16:20$20
$3,000 Guaranteed PLOMonday – Friday19:05$5

Download Party Poker – Register for these guaranteed poker tournaments in the PartyPoker lobby under the tournaments tab.