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Published: 27th October 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

world open v - The Party Poker World Open V is currently showing on television at the moment, filled with intense action on the final table as short stacked Phil Laak manages to win the event within the first five hands of head ups against Jan Veit. A very impressive victory and the first major cash for Laak in 2009 winning $250,000 and the title.

There was some romantic tension when Phil almost knocked out his girlfriend Jennifer Tilly by calling her all-in. Mike Sexton also received the news about his poker hall of fame induction while he was playing on the final table.

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Party Poker – World Open V – Results

partypoker super sign up bonusWorld Open V final table was down to just seven players with Andy Black being knocked out in seventh place despite being the chip leader, knocked out in sixth place was Mike Sexton when his pocket 8’s were no good up against Jan Veit’s pocket Kings. Jan Veit then eliminated Jennifer Tilly with his pocket nines against her AJ sending her to the rail in fifth place and the short stack Bodo Sbrzesny following her in fourth place.

The young British player Luke Schwartz, who was recently banned from all UK casino’s after the EPT sandwich indecent had to be escorted out of the building by security when he finished in third place. Apparently Schwartz was not allowed to enter the Palm Beach Casino when he arrived and started to cause a scene, which wasn’t helping his current situation. Eventually the tournament director pulled some strings and allowed him to play under the conditions that he had to be supervised at all times.

Once Schwartz was eliminated, Veit then had the chip leader advantage over Laak going into heads up. Phil quickly turned the tables and only five hand into heads up it was all over when both players held an Ace pre-flop and moved allin, Laak paired with his A8 leaving Jan Veit with almost no chips followed by an allin on the next hand from Veit holding just J7, Laak called and won holding Q10 which won him the title and his biggest cash for 2009.

Phil Laak commented. “Mike Sexton, inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame today. The consummate player. Full stop.” when he was receiving his trophy.

  1. Phil Laak – $250,000
  2. Jan Veit – $100,000
  3. Luke Schwartz – $40,000
  4. Bodo Sbrzesny – $30,000
  5. Jennifer Tilly – $25,000
  6. Mike Sexton – $20,000
  7. Andy Black – $15,000

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PartyPoker World Open II

PartyPoker have just uploaded some footage of a classic bluff which took place in the World Open II. Down to the final three Jeff Schreibman calls his small blind with Ah-8c off suit Lawrence Bonet checks in Big Blind with 4d-5c off suit the flop reveals a flush draw 3-10-8 spades. Schreibman bets and Bonet calls with nothing, the turn card is another eight giving Schreibman trip eights after he bets Bonet re-raises and Schreibman folds thinking his opponent has the flush this is probably one of the worse folds in poker history.