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Published: 16th August 2008 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 8th January 2024

PartyBingo bonus code - Download Bingo

PartyBingo have made Bingo just a tad more exciting by offering a staggering £1 million jackpot their site with four chances to win this massive 32 ball bingo jackpot every day from 15:00 through 16:00 ET from August 8 until September 7 in PartyBingo’s Lilac lounge. Participate and all of this and more could be yours this summer should you scoop the life changing £1 million Party Bingo jackpot.

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PartyBingo Bingo Games

At PartyBingo the action is quite simply non stop with a wide range of bingo games on offer for to pleasure your senses and tickle your delights, these include:

90 ball Diamond Bingo

Each bingo card bought has 15 numbers on it ranging between 1 and 90 . There are also 90 numbered bingo balls. As the numbered balls are called, the corresponding numbers on your card are marked off. The first lucky player to mark all the numbers on their card is the winner of the round.

90 ball Lilac

Cosy Room

75 ball bingo

Instant Bingo

How to Play Bingo

Each player needs to purchase a bingo card, each card has 25 squares, 24 of these squares have a number from 1 to 75 printed on them. There is one free space at the center. Each card’s column has the heading B I N G or O. Each game has a pre established pattern which you need to match in order to win the round. Some game patterns are static and some are moving which give you more ways to win. To play Bingo simply purchase at least one bingo card per round, players can purchase up to a maximum of 70 bingo cards per round. There are 75 numbered balls. As the numbered balls are called the numbers on the bingo card are marked off. The winner of each round is the first player to mark all the numbers on their card off as required by the game type the soonest.

At PartyBingo there are several different bingo rooms each of which has a unique theme and it’s own chat room. Prices for games start from 10 cents per card, depending on the room you have chosen to play in. Each Bingo room allows you to personalize everything from the dauber type and colors to the font size.

  • B column numbers are 1 to 15, blue
  • I column numbers are 16 to 30, red
  • N column numbers are 31 to 45, white
  • G column numbers are 46 to 60, green
  • O column numbers are 61 to 75, yellow

When a number is called, the corresponding number on your bingo card will be automatically marked off otherwise known as daubed meaning that you’ll never miss a number or a win at PartyBingo.

The winner of each round is the first player to cross off or ‘daub’ all the numbers.

Each rounds winner is automatically announced and the prize pool gets added to the players game balance.

The prize for each game varies according to the number of cards that have been sold coupled with how many players are in each round. Often a guarantee is in place which is a set prize amount to boost entries to the event. The section to the left of the game screen, just below the game room picture shows the current prize information for the round.

Each Bingo room has it’s own progressive jackpots that can be won at any time on any game if the winning card is completed within a certain number of balls, jackpots increase in value with each card that is bought.

If more than one player completes their card simultaneously the prize money is spit evenly between the winning Bingo card holders.

All Prize winning are credited to your game balance instantly and automatically.

Bingo tickets can be purchased prior to the next game starting while in the game room area or you can pre purchase bingo tickets in advance for selected events.

There is also a ‘Quick Buy’ window that will appear in the middle of the screen prior to a game commencing. Where players have the option to purchase one or more strips, each strip consists of six tickets known as a set, these can be found in the dropdown list, players also have the option to utilize any free tickets they may have collected. After purchase a pop up window confirms your purchase, Strips are then shown in the ticket area.

Players may also use their PartyBingo account to play the many games on offer at PartyCasino and even PartyPoker.

Old MacDonald Slot

Fruity Looty Slots

Mini Blackjack lower limits

All games are played in your chosen currency Dollars, Euros or Pounds. The limits below are for those playing GBP pounds at PartyBingo.

90 ball bingo: Diamond Club
90 ball bingo: Lilac Lounge
90 ball bingo: The Cosy Room
75 ball bingo: Jade Garden
Instant Bingo
Old MacDonald Slot
Fruity Looty Slots
Mini Blackjack

Download PartyBingo

PartyBingo Bonus Code

PartyBingo bonus code WAPBINGO $25 with first deposit, $25 extra bonus when you make a minimum deposit of $50 at sign up. This bonus is for PartyPoker, PartyGammon, Party-Bets, PartyCasino and PartyBingo.

Bonus code PartyBingo: BINGO30 30% up to $150 Extra get 30% up to $150 extra bonus when depositing your first amount. This bonus code is for Party-Poker, PartyGammon, PartyBet, Party-Casino and PartyBingo.

Party Bingo bonus code: BINGOWAP 100% up to $100 extra bonus. This bonus code is for PartyBingo only.

PartyBingo Pound Bonus code

PartyBingo Bonus : BINGOGB 100% up to £50 extra bonus Party-Bingo. This bonus is for PartyBingo only. 100% up to £50 Extra On First Deposit in GBP pounds for

Bonus code PartyBingo: BINGOGBP 100% up to £100 Extra on first deposit, this 100% up to 100 extra pounds bonus is for on first deposit. This bonus code is valid for PartyBingo only.

Your PartyBingo account can also be used to play a wide range of slots, video poker, casino games and it can even be used at for an even greater selection of casino based games.