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Published: 15th August 2008 Written by Poker News
Updated: 9th December 2023

PartyPoker's Bad Beat Jackpot was won get in on the action play with valid PartyPoker bonus codesThe world record breaking Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit at PartyPoker the massive $1,013,381.63 Bad Beat Jackpot was won on a $0.50/$1 table at 23.12 ET on 14th August, Thursday 2008 smashing the previous highest bad bet record which stood at $992,000. One lucky table hit a whopping the PartyPoker Bad Beat Jackpot, the hand itself consisted of a Royal Flush, Four of a kind and a Full house all competing for a rather insignificant $24 prize pot when the bad beat progressive hit, the biggest of which the world has seen to date.

Judith75 a player from Germany got dealt four 9’s which lost to Hiyall from Scotland’s hand comprised of the ultimate nuts a Royal Flush, a hand that has odds of 649/739/1 chance, another contender tried to stab at the pot with his meagre full house also from Germany.

Judith75 won a rather large $354,683.57 for her efforts and the hand ‘winner ‘ Hiyall got paid $177,341.79 +

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$24 the main pot dough, all the other seated players at the table won $22,167.72 a piece.

To start playing at PartyPoker’s bad beat jackpot simply download Party Poker and choose your preffered PartyPoker bonus code : WAP25 – $25 Extra bonus OR BIGGEST – 30% PartyPoker deposit match bonus code up to $150 of the depsoited amount. Bad Beat Jackpot is only available on specially designated tables simply look for them under the ‘Cash Game’ tab.

PartyPoker’s Bad Beat Jackpot is a progessive jackot that can be played on selected tables in order to win the Bad-Beat jackpot prize at Party Poker you need to lose with a hand of four of a kind, only 8’s or higher, when the Jackpot hits signifying a qualfifying hand 50% of the pool funds go to the loser of the hand who was subjected to the bad beat a further 25% will go’s to the winner of the hand and the remainder being 25% is split amongst seated players who took part in the hand at the same table. Obviously, players whom may sit out of the hand will not receive a portion of the jackpot should it hit.

A PartyPoker spokesperson is quoted as saying : “Online poker history has been made by setting a new world record for a bad beat jackpot. To hit seven figures is quite something, It has been quite some week at We recently celebrated our 7th birthday and smashed the guarantee for our special Birthday Million tournament”

“Most of the world’s attention this week is focused on elite athletes going for gold. At the same time it seems that the online poker community has found its own gold mine!”

Another lucky player won $1.06 million on the Godfather slot machine while playing at

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