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Published: 12th September 2011 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 4th December 2023

PartyPoker accelerator freeroll schedule.PartyPoker are running “The Accelerator” a $57,000 freeroll promotion that will be held throughout September.

To enter The Accelerator freerolls players are required to earn PartyPoints throughout September 2011 then depending on point accumulation players will be granted free entry into the respective freerolls which will be held 3rd-7th October 2011.

Those wishing to partake in the freeroll series are required to Opt In to the series prior to 23:59 ET on 30th September, 2011, to opt in, simply go to  ‘My account’ section from your Party Poker account and Opt In to “The Accelerator” promotion. The PartyPoker Accelerator freeroll has a max. of 25,000 players, registration will close once 25,000 players have registered.

To earn points at PartyPoker players are required to play cash games or real money tournaments with only 5 PP points required as entry to the “The Accelerator $2,000 Freeroll” with a steady ladder like progression up to 200 points required for free entry into the $25k freeroll. Players reaching each point level will be permitted to enter that level freeroll and all smaller level freerolls too as can be seen in the points/prize  table listed below.

Players then earning in excess of 300 points will start to earn cash prizes that are added on top of each other, for example earn 300 points get $3 then get to 400 points and get another $4 bringing your total rewards to $7 earn another 100 points and get another $5 award and so it continues all the way up to 75000 points where a player would earn $10,000 in Party Poker Accelerator rewards.

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PartyPoker “The Accelerator” Freeroll Series

The Accelerator Points Table and Cash Rewards for PartyPoker Freerolls.

PointsPrizeTotal prizes won
75000$5,000$10,000 + all freeroll entries
50000$1,375$5,000 + all freeroll entries
40000$1,100$3,625 + all freeroll entries
30000$525$2,525 + all freeroll entries
25000$500$2,000 + all freeroll entries
20000$475$1,500 + all freeroll entries
15000$375$1,025 + all freeroll entries
10000$185$650 + all freeroll entries
7500$180$465 + all freeroll entries
5000$70$285 + all freeroll entries
4000$65$215 + all freeroll entries
3000$32$150 + all freeroll entries
2500$30$118 + all freeroll entries
2000$28$88 + all freeroll entries
1500$26$60 + all freeroll entries
1000$12$34 + all freeroll entries
750$10$22 + all freeroll entries
500$5$12 + all freeroll entries
400$4$7 + all freeroll entries
300$3$3 + all freeroll entries
200$25k freeroll entry$25k freeroll entry + all freerolls
100$15k freeroll entry$15k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
50$10k freeroll entry$10k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
25$5k freeroll entry$5k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
5$2k freeroll entry$2k freeroll entry

The Cash Rewards get bigger and bigger as you earn points at PartyPoker throughout the Accelerator promotional period, while getting free entry into several Party Poker freerolls.


 PartyPoker Accelerator Freeroll Schedule

The Accelerator Freeroll Schedule
The Accelerator

$2000 Freeroll

14:30 ET 3rd October 2011
The Accelerator

$5000 Freeroll

14:30 ET 4th October 2011
The Accelerator

$10000 Freeroll

14:30 ET 5th October 2011
The Accelerator

$15000 Freeroll

14:30 ET 6th October 2011
The Accelerator

$25000 Freeroll

14:30 ET 7th October 2011


PartyPoker Promotions in September 2011:

PartyPoker Weighted Contributed Rake
As of August 24th, PartyPoker will change the way rake is calculated from dealt to weighted contributed rake. In the dealt method the rake of each individual player is calculated by dividing the total rake paid in the hand by the number of players that were dealt into it. In the weighted contributed calculation method every player is credited rake based on the percentage of money that he contributed to the pot. More details about PartyPoker’s new Rake calculation.

WPT Amnéville.
Qualifiers for the WPT Amnéville tourney begin from September 19th, with an $8,000 prize package on offer.


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