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Published: 24th August 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 4th December 2023

partypoker rakeAs of today PartyPoker have changed the way rake is calculated when playing cash games on the popular online poker site. There are generally two ways online poker rooms calculate rake either Dealt Rake or Weighted Contributed Rake, for many years Party Poker rake has be calculated using the Dealt Rake system which many players will find unfair because the total table rake for each hand in divided up into equal percentages amongst all the players at the table.

Weighted Contributed Rake on the other hand is calculated based on each players contribution to the pot, so players rake percentage varies according to how much they have invested in the hand.

With the new changes to the PartyPoker rake calculations and structure you may want to participate in the PartyPoker The Accelerator promotion which takes place in September, there is up to $10,000 in cash to be won plus entries into PartyPoker freerolls with prize pools up to $25,000.

PartyPoker bonus codes

WAPBIG – 100% bonus up to $500
EUROPOKER – 100% bonus to €320
WAPGB – 100% bonus up to £250

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New Party Poker Rake Calculation

The new changes are much better for looser players who are creating action at the tables by playing more poker hands, in the past tighter players could sit back and let the Maniac Poker players generate table rake and benefit from it. The new changes should increase the overall action at the PartyPoker cash game tables. So all the online poker nits better start mixing it up and widen their range of hands they play if they wish to earn PartyPoints and rake.

The Dealt Rake method of calculating rake at PartyPoker will be replaced by Weighted Contributed Rake this Wednesday 24 August 2011, so start grinding today to benefit from all the Party Poker rewards.

Dealt Rake

Dealt Rake is calculated by the total table rake generated each hand and is then equally divided amongst all players the dealt into that hand.

Weighted Contributed Rake

Weighted Contributed Rake is calculated by the amount the player contributes to the pot in each hand, and only players who are involved with contributing to the pot benefit.

Download PartyPoker

download PartyPoker

PartyPoker bonus codes

WAPBIG – 100% bonus up to $500
EUROPOKER – 100% bonus to €320
WAPGB – 100% bonus up to £250

PartyPoker Rewards

Party Poker Rewards is great incentive for players to earn their way up the ladder, the more points earned the higher the player will increase in level giving them more benefits as they progress. At each level players which get a bigger and better reward like converting your PartyPoints to cash, bonuses and PartyPoker rakeback.

LevelsPointsCashCash % backBonusRakeback
Bronze500$10 Cash5.00%N/AN/A
Silver750$15 Cash4.00%$30 Poker Bonus8.00%
Silver1,500$50 Cash6.67%$80 Poker Bonus10.67%
Gold3,000$120 Cash8.00%$200 Poker Bonus13.33%
Gold6,000$300 Cash10.00%$450 Poker Bonus15.00%
Palladium10,000$600 Cash12.00%$1,000 Poker Bonus20.00%
Palladium20,000$1,500 Cash15.00%$3,000 Poker Bonus30.00%
Palladium Elite40,000$3,500 Cash17.50%$7,000 Poker Bonus35.00%
Palladium Elite100,000$15,000 Cash30.00%$20,000 Poker Bonus40.00%
Palladium Elite300,000$50,000 Cash33.30%$75,000 Poker Bonus50.00%

PartyPoker The Accelerator

Coming up this September is the PartyPoker The Accelerator promotion where players can win up to $10,000 in cash and entry into Party Poker freerolls. The more points you earn at the tables the bigger your cash prize and freeroll entries will be. Players can qualify by earning at least 5 PartyPoints to play The Accelerator $2,000 Freeroll.

PointsCash PrizeTotal Prize
75,000$5,000$10,000 + all freeroll entries
50,000$1,375$5,000 + all freeroll entries
40,000$1,100$3,625 + all freeroll entries
30,000$525$2,525 + all freeroll entries
25,000$500$2,000 + all freeroll entries
20,000$475$1,500 + all freeroll entries
15,000$375$1,025 + all freeroll entries
10,000$185$650 + all freeroll entries
7,500$180$465 + all freeroll entries
5,000$70$285 + all freeroll entries
4,000$65$215 + all freeroll entries
3,000$32$150 + all freeroll entries
2,500$30$118 + all freeroll entries
2,000$28$88 + all freeroll entries
1,500$26$60 + all freeroll entries
1,000$12$34 + all freeroll entries
750$10$22 + all freeroll entries
500$5$12 + all freeroll entries
400$4$7 + all freeroll entries
300$3$3 + all freeroll entries
200$25k freeroll entry$25k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
100$15k freeroll entry$15k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
50$10k freeroll entry$10k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
25$5k freeroll entry$5k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls
5$2k freeroll entry$2k freeroll entry + preceding freerolls

Players who qualify for the PartyPoker The Accelerator freerolls can register for the events on the following dates and times.

The Accelerator Freerolls
The Accelerator $2,000 Freeroll14:30 ET on 3rd October, 2011
The Accelerator $5,000 Freeroll14:30 ET on 4th October, 2011
The Accelerator $10,000 Freeroll14:30 ET on 5th October, 2011
The Accelerator $15,000 Freeroll14:30 ET on 6th October, 2011
The Accelerator $25,000 Freeroll14:30 ET on 7th October, 2011