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Published: 17th October 2008 Written by Poker News
Updated: 9th December 2023

Phil Hellmuth beats Guitar Hero SlashPhil Hellmuth, 11 time World Series of Poker bracelet winner challenges Guitar Hero Slash from Guns n’ Roses and Scott Ian from Anthrax in a no-limit hold’em poker game at Slash’s private party. The UltimateBet team beat Slash although he played a good game of poker.

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Excerpt from Phil Hellmuth’s blogultimatebet Ultimate Bonus

“I’m not a huge drinker, but I started early when I had a $250 shot of “Louis XIII” from the Ermitage Hotel; a shot that I took in a paper cup into Scott’s car.  Imagine drinking Louis out of a paper cup!  By the time we hit Slash’s party I was feeling pretty good.  It turns out that Slash loves poker and is a big fan of mine (I’m honored)!  This is especially cool, because my sons and I are big fans of Slash’s.  My boys love “Guitar Hero,” and my whole family loves “Guns and Roses.”  After the bar closed Scott and I (and now Scott’s girlfriend Pearl joined us) went up to Slash’s suite where the party continued.  Pearl feels like her new record deal came in part because “Pearl” opened for “Velvet Revolver” in Europe earlier in 2008, and there was also a lot of “Good blood” between the bands.  By the way, I look forward to when “Pearl” and Pearl blow up big time!  Pearl’s first album debuts in April, and they will follow that up with a big tour.

Scott IanEventually, a deck of cards was found and we played a $100 buy in no limit Hold’em freeze out.  The final three were Scott, Slash, and I.  Imagine Slash with sunglasses and hat, me with sunglasses and hat, and Ian Scott sitting there with shaved head and purple beard staring each other down!  Scott won most of the money, but I won the title.  I had a great time hanging out with Perla, Pearl, Scott, and Slash, and I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that Slash is a really great guy.  Slash also knows how to play poker!  He had great patience and instincts for the game.”

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