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Published: 27th February 2014 Written by Poker-Resources
Updated: 2nd December 2023

poker bibleTitan Poker have released the Poker Bible a humorous combination of poker proverbs and the bible, as an online book.

There is also a short video clip to introduce the release of the Poker Bible on Titan Poker.

The cleverly constructed poker book features biblical graphics and ancient wording used as proverbs in the short stories.

Thou Shalt Play Poker – Sayeth The Bible. Titan Poker might offend the religious folks with this one but most poker players should appreciate the humor it has to offer.

Poker Bible

Thou Shalt Play Poker – In the beginning cards were holy, a card game set upon the waters.

Play, or be cast to the lions, buy-ins must be made by all.

Bet or ye shall perish, believe in the flop and trust no other player for the prize is great.

And the poker laws must be obeyed, dream not of riches or how ye shall bluff for you may be swallowed by sharks.

Guard your cards, for the fish will inherit, and the river changes all…

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Poker Bible Stories

The poker bible features stories in a authentic looking online poker book created by TitanPoker.

  • In the beginning
  • Cain and Abel
  • Noah
  • The Golden Pot
  • Second Kings
  • Jonah and the Shark
  • Sermon on the Felt
  • Moses and the Two Aces

The Ten Commandments of Poker

The Poker Bible even come with a set of rules for players to follow they are known as The Ten Commandments of Poker.

  1. The name of the game is Texas Hold’em
  2. Thou shall play no other games before me
  3. Do not play every starting hand in vain
  4. Remember to play the right cards and keep them holy
  5. Honor your dealer
  6. Thou shalt not cheat
  7. Thou shalt not commit collusion
  8. Thou shalt not bet out of turn
  9. Thou shalt not bluff too frequently against thine neighbor
  10. Thou shalt not covet thine opponent’s cards

Poker Bible

The poker bible consists of thirteen pages viewable in the slideshow below.

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