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Published: 17th January 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th December 2023

Barrack Obama Boost America's Economy with Legal Online PokerOnline poker players now have a chance to voice their concerns and offer suggestions to the soon to be US president Barack Obama regarding their right to play poker online in the USA on his website under a section called Citizens Briefing Book.

The issue of legalizing online poker is high up (8th position) on the list compiled by Americans when asked for input on what they would like to see him do within the next four years of his term as president of the United States of America.

Your Chance to let Barack Obama hear your opinion about legal poker in the USA

There are currently four topics regarding the legalizing of poker on the list with the below topic being ranked the highest with 46930 Points and 1562 people commenting on the hot topic, have your say and save your right to freedom by voting for Legal Online Poker for the USA.

Boost America’s Economy with Legal Online Poker

“Let online poker players in the United States play legally and without fear of prosecution. Reform the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to exempt poker, a game of skill, from the law. Boost the economy by letting American companies and American players make money and pay taxes instead of sending online poker businesses offshore. Protect online poker players by regulating the industry to ensure that no one is ever cheated.”

The concept is that many US poker players would like to have the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act overruled, or at the very least get an exclusion granted for online poker as a game of skill.

Other topics rated higher on the list are:

  • Ending Marijuana Prohibition
  • Commit to becoming the “Greenest” country in the world.
  • Stop using federal resources to undermine states’ medicinal marijuana laws
  • Bullet Trains & Light Rail
  • An end to the government sponsored abstinence education to be replaced by an introduction of age appropriate sex education.
  • The permanent closure of all Torture facilities. (Facilities such as: Guantanamo, and Abu Ghraib)
  • Revoke the George W. Bush tax cuts for the top 1 %.
  • Get the Insurance Companies out the Health Care
  • Boost America’s Economy with Legal Online Poker

To view the entire list of topics and have your say about USA poker online