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Published: 16th January 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th December 2023

Daniel Negreanu $10 bankroll to $100kPokerstars Daniel Negreanu attempts to turn a $10 bankroll into $100,000 taking Chris Ferguson’s zero to 10k to a new extreme. Starting with a $10 bankroll Daniel Negreanu will attempt to earn $100,000, exclusive to online PokerStars NL cash games.

You can challenge the legendary KidPoker while playing micro limit games at Pokerstars while he attempts this challenge. Download and use the latest 2009 PokerStars bonus code: STARS50

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Daniel Negreanu $10 bankroll to $100,000 poker experiment.

Beginning at low limits $0.01-$0.02 micro limit tables Negreanu will progress to higher limits as to suit his bankroll.

“Chris Ferguson did something neat like this a while back, I always wanted to try it myself.”

Negreanu comments on Full Tilt Poker Pro, Chris Ferguson experiment Zero to $10,000.

Daniel Negreanu challenge rules:

1. Daniel Negreanu won’t increase in limits unless he has 500 big blinds for that limit. Beginning with $0.01-$0.02 and using $10 as his bankroll.
2. Daniel buy in amount must allow him to still buy in five more times at that limit. Eg: $5 bankroll, allows a $1 buy in for that game.
3. Negreanu will only play No Limit cash games and include full ring games once in a while.
4. If Daniel doubles his bankroll during play he must quit on his blind to prevent high risk percentages of his bankroll on any given hand.

As the bankroll climbs to above $25 he will move up to the $0.02-$0.05 games.
The outcome is to earn a $100,000 bankroll for playing $100-$200 NL.

Limit of Hands Played Results Bankroll

Pokerstars bonus

  • $0.01-$0.02
  • 69 +$1.37
  • 76 +$4.92
  • 20 -$3.25
  • 25 -$2.60
  • 61 +$2.20
  • 18 +$0.67
  • 25 +$0.24
  • 64 +$1.78
  • 46 +$0.93
  • 76 -$3.25
  • 43 +$1.30
  • 33 +$0.30
  • 47 -$0.30

Totaling: 603 +$4.31 $14.31

Winnings Per Hand: $0.007
Bets Per Hand: 36% of one bet
Buy-in for next game: $2.86

Daniel Negreanu achievements already include 4 times World Series of Poker bracelet winner and also being the top earner of the World Poker Tour among many more.

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