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Published: 22nd August 2012 Written by Poker News
Updated: 4th December 2023

Pokerstars Run it TwicePokerStars are currently developing an extra game feature that would allow players who mutually agree to “Run it twice”. It may still be some time until we see the new game feature added to the PokerStars client as the feature is expected to be released on the test client sometime this month and then depending on its stability a decision will be reached whether to add it to the PokerStars main client or not.

The Run it Twice concept has been popularized by poker TV shows like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker in order to run it twice two players need to be all-in prior to the river being dealt with both players agreeing to run the cards twice.

The missing part of the board is then dealt twice from the time when both heads-up players agreed, the pot is divided in half and awarded to the winning player of each board’s outcome.

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Poker Run it Twice

While running the cards twice in poker certainly is not a new concept, it comes as a welcomed addition to the PokerStars client especially for High Stakes poker players looking to reduce all-in variance and will be a nifty feature for the recreational poker player to experiment with and play poker as seen on TV.

Run it Twice has already made it’s online poker debut as far back as April 2008 when Merge Gaming added the function known as “Deal it Twice”, Full Tilt Poker also added the feature late in 2009. Players from those clients are/were required to enable the feature via the menu options prior to the hand being dealt.

Deal It Twice at Carbon Poker

One such Merge room currently still offering the Deal It Twice feature is Carbon Poker, and yes somehow Carbon Poker is accepting USA players for real money with both deposit and cashout options available to Americans.

Carbon Poker players have the option to permanently disable the Deal It Twice option, so only those who choose to have the Deal It Twice option active will be asked to make a decision after going all-in.

Carbon Poker Deal It Twice Conditions:

  • Deal It Twice is only available for  real money No-Limit Hold’em ring games.
  • Deal It Twice can only be chosen when exactly two players are all-in, with no other players active in the pot.
  • It is only offered as an option after two players have pushed all-in pre-flop or post-flop. Even if the players are in pre-flop, only the turn and river cards are dealt twice.
  • Deal It Twice will be available only on certain tables at specific stakes.

PokerStars Run It Twice

With Full Tilt Poker reopening in early November, there is little doubt that Pokerstars will be looking to add the PokerStars Run It Twice feature to their software client prior to the Full Tilt relaunch date.

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