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Published: 30th November 2015 Written by Poker News
Updated: 11th December 2023

pokerstars strikeTake part in the PokerStars Strike between December 1 – 3, the boycott is due to changes made to the PokerStars VIP system which takes effect January 2016.

Dani Stern has stepped up as a spokesperson for the PokerStars Strike and feels that the new changes will affect both live and online poker in the future. This is not an attack on PokerStars, the goal is to voice players concerns over the changes and open a dialog with PokerStars to discuss changes with players.

To participate in the strike make PokerStars ,withdrawal your entire bankroll and refrain from playing at PokerStars between December 1 – 3. Play poker online at any other competitive online poker room like 888poker to show how the poker traffic has an affect on the Worlds largest poker site.

This could be the biggest boycott PokerStars has had as thousands of players are expected to take part in the PokerStars strike this week including the Russian Team and many Poker Pros.

PokerStars Strike December 1 – 3

The PokerStars Strike has been organized by players to stand together and demonstrate their disapproval of the new changes to the PokerStars VIP program. The new program will reduce the benefits that high stakes, regular players and will be discontinuing the prestigious Super Nova Elite status.

These are just some of the major changes that have taken place since Amaya Gaming have bought PokerStars.

Dani Stern is concerned that the PokerStars brand is moving away from what it originally stood for POKER, and opting for more lottery styled gambling and casino games. This was the reason why Vicky Coren left Team PokerStars.

Dani Stern comments “PokerStars has announced an aggressive overhaul of the 2016 VIP system. They have deceived SNE players about benefits they would receive, are discontinuing the SNE program, and they have completely removed all rewards for high stakes ($5/$10+) cash games. PokerStars claims the changes are to provide relief to recreational players, there is no such change happening.”

PokerStars Player Strike – Boycott PokerStars

888 pokerThousands of players have already opted in for the strike on the twoplustwo forum, here’s how you can participate.

  1. Cash out your bankroll at PokerStars.
  2. Refrain from playing at PokerStars between December 1 – 3.
  3. Play poker online at 888poker instead.

Goal: to show PokerStars that all players matter from recreational to high stakes and to amend the VIP program to befit all players.

In the past we’ve mostly only seen sit-out protests on PokerStars France, this is a Worldwide PokerStars boycott. If we remove the benefits from high stakes poker we will lose our legendary poker pros as these games will no longer be appealing to them. Without poker pros for new and old fans to look up to we’ll end up killing poker both live and online.

Watch the video below for the Joe Ingram interview with Dani Stern on the PokerStars player strike taking place December 1 – 3.