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Published: 24th December 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

pokerstars vip - Poker Stars have introduced a new VIP Program for 2010 called VIP Stellar Rewards, with the new system online poker players can get cash bonuses for earning PokerStars VPP. Points are now easier to earn and players will earn more VPP & FPP points while playing PokerStars real money games from 1st January 2010.

Poker Stars is also attempting to break their previous Guinness World Record for hosting the largest online poker tournament.

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PokerStars Guinness World Record – Largest Online Poker Tournament

Pokerstars bonus
Be part of poker history and play in the Largest Online Poker Tournament on the 27th December 2009 the tournament will have a very low and affordable buy-in of only $1 but it has a huge guaranteed prize pool of $300,000 making it one of the best value tournaments available online.

Satellites for the world record tournament are also available.

Poker Stars Guinness World Record Tournament
Date: 27th December 2009
Time: 14:45
Buy-in: $1
Prize Pool: $300,000

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New PokerStars VIP Stellar Rewards Program

Players earn FPP when playing PokerStars real money games that have rake or tournament fees. PokerStars rewards players at different levels and a new player will start out on BronzeStar level and move up to SilverStar level by earning 750 VPPs when a player achieves SilverStar level in 2010 he will get a $10 cash bonus.

Players who increase in VIP levels will get more PokerStars VPP and FPP than when on BronzeStar level.

PokerStars VIP Level (Monthly)

VPPs Required per Level

PokerStars FPP Multiplier

PokerStars BronzeStarN/A (1 FPP per 1 VPP)
PokerStars SilverStar75050% (1.5 FPPs per 1 VPP)
PokerStars GoldStar3,000100% (2 FPPs per 1 VPP)
PokerStars PlatinumStar7,500150% (2.5 FPPs per 1 VPP)

PokerStars VIP Player Points

PokerStars VPP or VIP Player Points are points which earned by playing cash games and tournaments online. All new players begin on BronzeStar level and earn VPP and FPP at a ratio of 1:1 so for each 1 VPP earn a player will get 1 FPP. This all changes as you increase to a new VIP level, a SilverStar level player will earn 50% more FPP’s per VPP on that level. PokerStars FPP points can be used to purchase items from the PokerStars Store.

The new PokerStars VIP program Stellar Rewards will replace the old program from the 1st January 2010. Players will now get cash back bonuses for earning the yearly required PokerStars VPP. There are 19 bonus to clear adding up to a total of $1,000 the more points you earn the bigger the cash bonuses are at each level.

Yearly VIP Player PointsPokerStars VIP Stellar Reward
Total Year Bonus$1000

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2 Responses to PokerStars VIP Stellar Rewards?
  • Full House says:

    The difference between PokerStars FPP and VPP

    PokerStars VPP

    VPP are your base points and reflect how much you play on the site and reward you for your efforts, These points will help you increase in VIP levels for the year, they have no value and are reset at the start of each year. For each $1 in rake you will earn about 5.5 VPP for tournaments and cash games.

    All players start on Bronze level if you earn 750 VPP you will achieve silver VIP level.

    PokerStars FPP

    FPPs have value and can be used for tournaments, store items or exchange to cash. On bronze level you will earn 1 VPP for every 1 FPP but if you are on a higher VIP level you will earn more FPP based on the multiplier for that level.


    La diferencia entre PokerStars FPP y VPP

    PokerStars VPP

    VPP son sus puntos de base y reflejan lo mucho que jugar en el sitio y la recompensa por sus esfuerzos, estos puntos le ayudará a aumentar los niveles de VIP para el año, no tienen ningún valor y se restablecen al inicio de cada año. Por cada $1 de rake que usted ganará alrededor de 5,5 VPP para los torneos y juegos de dinero en efectivo.

    Todos los jugadores empiezan en el nivel Bronce si usted gana 750 VPP podrás alcanzar el nivel VIP de plata.

    PokerStars FPP

    FPP tienen valor y pueden ser utilizados para los torneos, tienda de artículos o el intercambio de dinero en efectivo. El nivel de bronce ganará 1 VPP por cada 1 FPP, pero si usted está en un nivel más alto VIP ganarás más FPP basado en el multiplicador para ese nivel.

  • Argsebas says:

    Hola queria saber si alguien me puede decir que son los VPP y los FPP!! Y como los aumento q torneos en especial hay que jugar poder aumentarlos!!! Gracias!!!


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