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Published: 2nd August 2012 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 4th December 2023

race for riches carbonpokerRace for Riches takes place at CarbonPoker in August, win your share of more than $100,000 in cash prizes. Play selected tournaments and rank in the weekly leaderboard which offers $25,000 every week.

The top 400 players in the Carbon Poker Race for Riches leaderboard will all receive their share of the weekly cash prizes.

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Race for Riches at CarbonPoker August 2012

Play for your share of more than $100,000 in cash prizes in the Carbon Poker Race for Riches this August. There are four weekly races where players can win their share of $25,000 in leaderboard prizes adding up to a total of more than $100,000 in monthly prizes. Only the top 400 players will win prizes have you got what it takes to rank in the leaderboards?.

Download Carbon Poker and get a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $600, to qualify for your first deposit bonus use Carbon Poker Bonus Code – 600PK.

Carbon Poker Race for Riches August 2012

Each week for the entire month of August there are daily Carbon Poker tournaments running which will count towards the leaderboard race.

Week 1: 1st – 7th August 2012
Week 2: 8th – 15th August 2012
Week 3: 16th – 22nd August 2012
Week 4: 23rd – 30th August 2012

Add extra points to your score by earning multiplier tournament points, the multiplier comes into effect when players have played more than one different events. If you play the same daily event you will not earn any extra multiplier points, each tournament played adds a 0.1 multiplier bonus to your score.

Qualifying Carbon Poker Race for Riches tournaments include:

$4,000 Guaranteed
Date: Daily
Time: 15:00
Buy-in: $30 + $3 (2 Rebuys/1 Addon)
Prize Pool: $4,000

Evening 109
Date: Daily
Time: 17:00
Buy-in: $100 + $9
Prize Pool: $10,000

$3,000 Guaranteed Freezeout
Date: Daily
Time: 18:30
Buy-in: $20 + $2
Prize Pool: $3,000

$7.500 Guaranteed Freezeout
Date: Daily
Time: 19:15
Buy-in: $30 + $3
Prize Pool: $7.500

Daily High Roller
Date: Daily
Time: 20:00
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Prize Pool: $25,000

$5,000 Guaranteed
Date: Daily
Time: 21:00
Buy-in: $30 + $3 (Rebuys/Addon)
Prize Pool: $5,000

Deepstack Turbo Freezeout
Date: Daily
Time: 23:00
Buy-in: $55 + $5
Prize Pool: $6,000

$5,000 Guaranteed Turbo
Date: Daily
Time: 00:00
Buy-in: $30 + $3 (1 Rebuy/1 Addon)
Prize Pool: $5,000

Midweek Monster
Date: Wednesdays
Time: 19:00
Buy-in: $55 + $5
Prize Pool: $15,000 Guaranteed

Sunday 125k Guaranteed
Date: Sundays
Time: 15:00
Buy-in: $100 + $9
Prize Pool: $125,000 Guaranteed

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