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Published: 9th May 2014 Written by Poker Pros
Updated: 2nd December 2023

strip magic antonio esfandiariStrip Magic Antonio Esfandiari Season 1 is now complete with six short episodes of Antonio Esfandiari performing street magic on Vegas Strip.

Esfandiari who now represents Ultimate Poker as a Pro on the legal USA poker site, shows us his love for magic and entertaining people.

Having already mastered the game of poker, Esfandiari currently is in first position on the Poker All Time Money list.

Antonio Esfandiari won the 2012 WSOP Big One for One Drop, winning more than $18 million in the million dollar buy-in event.

Strip Magic Antonio Esfandiari

In Strip Magic, Antonio Esfandiari takes his magic to the streets and performs to an audience on the Vegas Strip. The series of six videos in season one are sponsored by Ultimate Poker which offer regulated USA poker games in Nevada and New Jersey.

Strip Magic Antonio Esfandiari – Episode 1 Discovering Magic

Antonio Esfandiari pushes a cigarette through a coin while performing street magic on the Vegas Strip. He also tells us the story of how he got into magic and his fascination to learn card tricks.

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Strip Magic Antonio Esfandiari – Episode 2 Magic Obsession

Esfandiari wows the crowd with a card trick and tells of his obsession for magic and how he loves to entertain an audience.

Strip Magic Antonio Esfandiari – Episode 3 The Missing Ring

Antonio Esfandiari street magic makes ladies ring disappear.

Strip Magic Antonio Esfandiari – Episode 4 Crowd Reading

Esfandiari reads the crowd when performing a skill which he also uses when playing poker.

Strip Magic Antonio Esfandiari – Episode 5 Check Your Pocket

Esfandiari performs multi-way card trick on the Vegas Strip.

Strip Magic Antonio Esfandiari – Episode 6 Magic Rewards

Esfandiari explains the rewards of performing magic in front of an audience and his passion for entertaining.

There is talk of a second season on Strip Magic, fans can subscribe to the youtube channel for updates –