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Published: 23rd September 2008 Written by Poker News
Updated: 9th December 2023

Sun City Million Dollar Poker Tournament resultsRyan Dreyer was crowned the King of Poker at 2008 Sun City Million Dollar tournament winning a large sum of $650,000. Danny K a popular South African artist claimed a 10th place victory in the tournament. Ryan Dreyer is well known in the industry as a commentator for DSTV All Africa Poker Channel in South Africa. He also managed to  finish off in 2nd place in the recent PokerAce Tournament which took place at Gold Reef City.

Ryan Dreyer has spent endless hours directing and editing hours of footage including voice overs for the DSTV All Africa Poker – Channel 393. Using his journalism knowledge which he studied for in Texas.

million dollar sun city tournament 2008 winner

Dreyer also has many years experience as a pro golfer he certainly has come along way with his poker game with only 18 months of live poker tournaments experience.

Australian cricketer Shane Warne on team was also playing at Million Dollar Sun City Tournament but unfortunately had some bad hands.

Million Dollar Sun City Tournament 2008 Winner Results

1st Place

Ryan Dreyer


2nd Place

Dermott Sweeney


3rd Place

Durand Botha


4th Place

Jon Stephenson


5th Place

Shabir Omar


6th Place

Ivo Strovski


7th Place

Stan Topal


8th Place

Christian Oman


9th Place

Damien Cornelli


10th Place

Danny K


11th Place

Ricardo Fenner


12th Place

Michael Binger


13th Place

Jamie Vilela


14th Place

Sandy Koor


15th Place

Michael Johansson


16th Place

Jose Pestana


17th Place

Solomon A. Ndombele


18th Place

Chris Convery


19th Place

Sterg Strakas


20th Place

Edgar Antezana