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Published: 28th January 2010 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 6th December 2023

team ub UltimatebetThe UB Team, Ultimate Bet Poker pros, are some one the best poker players in the world. Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke have been with the team from the start the team has now grown to 17 members who all represent UB Poker online and at all the major live poker tournaments.

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ultimatebet poker pros

Ultimate Bet Poker – Team UB

Adam Levy


Adam Levy has earned more than three million dollars in just five years, he has six WSOP cashes.

Username: Roothlus

Country:USA, Los Angeles
Career Earnings:+ $3,2000,000

Annie Duke

annie lederer

Not only is Annie Duke one of the best players in the world, she is also the UB poker room consultant. Annie is also known for her charity poker events such as Ante up for Africa, she has also appeared several television shows The Apprentice, Best Damn Poker Show, Deal or No Deal and The Colbert Report.

Annie Duke testified before the House Judiciary Committee on behalf of the Poker Players Alliance in the efforts to regulate internet gaming in the United States.

Screen name: annieduke

Country:USA, Los Angeles
Career Earnings:$1,500,000

Billy Kopp

billy kopp

Billy Kopp started playing poker online and managed to turn his $200 first deposit into $100,000, Bill Kopp had an impressive 12th place finish in the 2009 WSOP main event knocking out Peter Eastgate and Joe Hatchem

Username: Patrolman35

Country:USA, Kentucky
Career Earnings:$1,500,000

Bryan Devonshire

bryan devonshire

Bryan Devonshire has had some impressive cashes playing poker online and live events.

Ex Card Player writer
Video contributor for PokerVT

Screen name: Devo

Country:USA, Nevada
Career Earnings:+ $1,000,000

Brandon Cantu

brandon cantu

Brandon Cantu has two WSOP Bracelets to his name, he is also a successful online poker player.

  • 2006 WSOP Event #2 – 1st place
  • 2009 WSOP Event #39 –  2nd place
  • 2009 WSOP Event # 48- 1st place

Username: Any2Cantu

Country:USA, Las Vegas
Career Earnings:+ $3,000,000

Gary DeBernardi

gary debernardi

Full time poker pro successful online and the live tournament circuit.

Screen name: Debo34

Country:USA, Oregon
AchievementsTurned pro in less than one  1/2 years

Eric Baldwin

eric baldwin

Eric Baldwin won a WSOP Bracelet in 2009 and was the 2009 CardPlayer – player of the year.

  • 2009 WSOP event # 34

Username: basebaldy

Country:USA, Las Vegas
Career Earnings:+ $2,600,000

Dave Stann

dave stann

Dave Stann aka Hollywood Dave started out as a successful Black Jack player, he traded Black Jack lessons for poker lessons with Annie Duke for 6 months. Hollywood Dave was the host of The Best Damn Poker Show season 2 and several other BlackJack related shows.

Username: HollywoodDave

Country:USA, Ohio
Career Earnings:+$250,000

Joe Sebok

joe sebok

Joe Sebok, step son of Barry Greenstein, has more than 40 cashes in major tournaments including two final table finishes in WSOP events.

Screen name : fidallio

Country:USA, Los Angeles
Career Earnings:$1,800,000

Liv Boeree

liv boeree

Liv Boeree was coached by Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke and Devilfish on the UltimatePoker Showdown TV show.

Country:UK. London
Career Earnings:$175,000

Matt Graham

matt graham

Matt Graham has earned 2 WSOP Bracelets back to back years in 2008 & 2009

  • 2009 WSOP Event #40
  • 2008 WSOP Event #32

Username: mattg1983

Country:USA, Texas
Career Earnings:$1,750,000

Michael Binger

michael binger

Michael Binger has more than 50 major cashes, his biggest win was 3rd place in the 2006 WSOP main event winning $4,123,310

Country:USA, California
Career Earnings:+ $6,000,000

Mark Kroon

mark kroon

Aruba Classic regular player he is also an online poker player who plays at several poker rooms.

Username: P0ker H0

Country:USA, Madison
Career Earnings:$150,000

Phil Hellmuth

phil hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth aka Poker Brat has 11 WSOP Bracelets to his name and more than 140 major cashes. He is one of the biggest names in poker and founder of Ultimate Bet Poker Room.

Country:USA, Palo Alto
Career Earnings:+ $8,800,000

Scott Ian

scott ian

Scott Ian made his poker skills known by winning a VH1 charity poker event, the Heavy Metal guitarist and founder of the band Anthrax is a force to be reckoned with online. He also hosts his own poker tournaments on UltimateBet Poker and invites special rockstar guests to play.

Username: Scott Ian

Country:USA, Los Angeles

Shawn Rice

shawn rice

Shawn Rice has 23 tournament cashes which includes three WSOP events, Ultimatepoker Challenge and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Country:USA, Texas
Career Earnings:+ $375,000

Tiffany Michelle

tiffany michelle

Tiffany Michelle was the last female player standing in the 2008 WSOP main event, she holds the record for the largest field ever conquered by a woman finishing in 17th place.

Country:USA, Los Angeles
Career Earnings:$350,000

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