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Published: 29th November 2012 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th January 2024

titan poker hall of handsTitan Poker Hall of Hands is a new feature to the software which allows them to share their favorite poker hands with friends on social networks. The poker hand history is then turned into a video where actors play out your exact hand in a live environment with commentary added.

It’s an interesting concept and the poker app its totally free to download and use alongside the Titan Poker software.

The Titan Poker Hall of Hands App uses your locally store hand history and offers a link to share a video re-enactment of your hands on Facebook,  Twitter, Google+ or poker forums.

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Titan Poker Hall of Hands

Use the Titan Poker Hall of Hands App to share a rein-acted video of all your Titan Poker hands, the video is cleverly created using real actors to represent you and your opponents playing at a poker table. The actors and commentators react as the hand plays out like you would see in live poker television. See the Youtube video below for an example of what a Hall of Hands poker video looks like.

Titan Poker Hall of Hands App

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For the Hall of Hands app to work players must make sure their Titan Poker Hand History is stored locally on their computer. You can enable this by clicking on Settings > System > Store Hand History Locally > OK, from the Titan Poker lobby.

Players must install the app which will automatically track your hands played on Titan Poker, players can then choose any two poker hand per hour to be converted into a Poker Video.

The app is simple to use and requires a Windows PC with internet and a web browser, unfortunately the app is not yet available on Mac or Linux operating systems.

The Titan Poker Hall of Hands app supports the following Titan Poker games: Texas Hold ’em Poker (Cash Tables or Tournaments)

Players can also link their facebook account to the poker app for easier sharing and publishing of poker hands.

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