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Published: 3rd September 2008 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th December 2023

Party Bet world superbike championship donningtonThe HANNspree World Superbike Championship 2008 takes place at Donington this weekend open an account at PartyBets and bet on the outcome of the Superbike Championship plus get an added bonus of up to $150 added to your account by using PartyBets bonus code WAPBET150, this will give you a 30% match bonus up to $150 at Party Bets for new player accounts only.

Will Troy Bayliss win his third world title ? with only 4 rounds and 8 races left, and 200 points on the board, Troy leads with 82 points and is sitting on 334 points bet on what you believe will happen at PartyBets or Gamebookers and take advantage of the great bonuses and sign up bonus. Losing a piece of his finger in a crash at Donington last year might play on the Australian’s mind. Max Neukirchner, Troy Corser, Carlos Checa and Noriyuki Haga have been on his tail in the last few races.

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Max Neukirchner in 2nd place with 252 points but Troy Corser is not far off with 242 points, Carlos Checa is in 4th place with 233 points, Noriyuki Haga close behind in 5th place with 230 points behind.

World Superbike Championship 2008 sportbetting odds at PartyBets & Gamebookers

  • Troy Bayliss – 1.01
  • Max Neukirchner – 13.00
  • Troy Corser – 19.00
  • Carlos Checa – 34.00
  • Noriyuki Haga – 34.00

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World Superbike Championship 2008 Riders Rank


  • Troy Bayliss
  • Australia
  • 334 points


  • Max Neukirchner
  • Germany
  • 252 points


  • Troy Corser
  • Australia
  • 242 points


  • Carlos Checa
  • Spain
  • 233 points


  • Noriyuki Haga
  • Japan
  • 230