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Published: 1st July 2014 Written by Poker News
Updated: 2nd December 2023

WSOP Big One for One DropThe 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop Final Table is now set in stone with only nine player remaining in the million dollar buy-in World Series of Poker event.

Four USA players, two Germans, two UK and a Canadian will be battling it out for the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop title and more than $15 million for first place.

Notable Poker Pro Eliminations on Day 2 include: Antonio Esfandiari (10th), Phil Ivey (14th) and Sam Trickett (15th).

The WSOP Big One for One Drop Final Table consists of Tobias Reinkemeier, Rick Salomon, Daniel Colman, Daniel Negreanu, Cary Katz, Tom Hall, Christoph Vogelsang, Scott Seiver and Paul Newey.

WSOP Big One for One Drop Final Table

With more than $15 million dollars on the line, the final 9 players, Rick Salomon currently holds the chipleader position on the final table.

WSOP Big One for One Drop Final Table

2014 wsop maint event oddsThe final table of the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop with the last nine remaining players, numbers are based on seating order not chip count.

  1. Cary Katz (USA) – 11,700,000
  2. Rick Salomon (USA) – 20,100,000
  3. Christoph Vogelsang (Germany) – 10,900,000
  4. Daniel Colman (USA) – 20,000,000
  5. Tom Hall (UK) – 13,100,000
  6. Tobias Reinkemeier (Germany) – 22,700,000
  7. Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – 17,800,000
  8. Paul Newey (UK) – 3.370,000
  9. Scott Seiver (USA) – 6,100,000

Results of Day 2 of WSOP Big One for One Drop final table, no players were eliminated at the end of Day 2. See the chip stacks counts which players will use of the final table on Day 3.

  1. Rick Salomon – 23,500,000
  2. Tobias Reinkemeier – 22,800,000
  3. Daniel Colman – 22,700,000
  4. Daniel Negreanu – 20,700,000
  5. Cary Katz – 9,220,000
  6. Scott Seiver – 8,250,000
  7. Tom Hall – 7,770,000
  8. Christoph Vogelsang – 6,820,000
  9. Paul Newey – 4,050,000

Players will return for Day 3 tomorrow with the first player eliminated as the Bubble Boy, that’s going to make it difficult for the short stacks under 10 million chips to get some sleep tonight. These players will need to double up or get eliminated to get back more than their million dollar buy-in.

Scott Seiver suggested that play continue until the the bubble position had burst, the ESPN producer ruled that it would affect the televised format which features Day 1, Day 2 and Final Table.

Footage of the 2014 Big One for One Drop will be available on ESPN every Tuesday night from July 29th – August 12th, 2014, with 2 hours each week.

2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop Payout

Only 8 players will be in the money in the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop tournament, 5th position and above will get more than double their original investment and first place will take home more than $15 million and the title.

1st – $15,306,668
2nd – $8,288,001
3rd – $4,480,001
4th – $2,800,000
5th – $2,053,334
6th – $1,680,000
7th – $1,418,667
8th – $1,306,667

The results for The Big One for One Drop 2014 – Day 1 can be seen here with eliminations and results of the starting day of the million dollar buy-in tournament. For more results and information see –