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Published: 15th December 2015 Written by Poker News
Updated: 11th December 2023

888 Poker App ImprovementsAfter thoroughly testing out the 888 Poker App over a period of two weeks, I can say that overall I am highly impressed by the features the app offers which include the ability to play cash games and tournaments right from your mobile phone or tablet.

I highly recommend the 888 Poker App as it is among the top options for playing poker from your phone or mobile device, both real money and play money games can be used once you have created an account.

The 888 Poker App supports Android and iOS meaning that most new Samsung phones as well as iPhones and iPads are supported the only downside is that there is no 888 Poker Windows App so many Nokia and Microsoft phones are left in the dark for the time being.

The menu is simplistic and you can toggle between Standard Tournaments and Snap Poker via a tiny tab on the side of the screen.

The 888 Casino and Bet on Sports features can be accessed at the bottom of the page.

The Cashier, account details and App settings can be changed from the menus at the top of the page.

We have previously reviewed the 888 Poker App, so if you would like to know more about the app’s features please read that post.

I would like to move onto what can be improved in the 888 App.

Suggested Improvements for the 888 Poker App

Here is a small listing of things that if changed would greatly enhance the user experience when playing poker on the 888 Poker App.

888 Poker App Suggested Improvements

888 Poker Windows App Needed

With the launch of Windows 10 Apps for Windows are essential these days, believe it or not Microsoft currently produce some pretty decent mobile phones lately and are sure to improve and gather a larger following in time.

888 Poker Should have an App in the Windows Store which they currently don’t have, there is a listing under ‘888Poker’ but it’s a dodgy link to a suspicious site, something that both Microsoft and 888 should address.

Tournament Position Missing

When playing a tournament on the 888Poker App your position should be displayed at the top of the screen, like (13/180) position/number of players remaining.

While you most certainly can find out your position and number of players remaining you need to change screens in order to get that vital information, meaning you can’t see what your opponents are doing, which is really annoying and a pretty easy change to implement.

Option in Settings to Show Folded Cards

There should be an option in the App that allows one to show folded cards as faded cards until the end of the round like on the desktop version of the game.

Show Reward Status

I could not find any means to find my player status from within the Poker App, that feature should be added.

Show Registered in Tournaments

The only way to instantly access which tournaments you are registered in, is to exit the app then re-login, there should be a link from the app’s main screen for fast, easy access to the tournaments you are registered in.

Tournament Tickets

The Tournament Tickets link should show what tickets you have and what games are open for the tickets you currently own, the desktop version does this rather well but the mobile app version lacks this functionality.

888 Poker App Android - 888 Snap Poker App

Slow Desktop Download
While I’m at it, slagging off 888Poker, something which I do very rarely, let me add another issue that I encountered other than yesterday’s network issue forcing the entire 888 Poker network down.

The desktop client takes over an hour to download and install, seriously downloading at 30-40 kbps max speed doesn’t cut it in today’s modern internet world where I have a gigabit fiber optic connection at home as many other users also have high speed internet connections, being limited to 30-40 kbps and waiting an hour to download and install the desktop version of 888 Poker is borderline unacceptable and at the very least bad business practice.


While this Review takes a pretty harsh view on improvements, I still believe that the 888Poker App is a front runner as far as Mobile Poker Apps go these are merely suggestions that could improve the 888 Poker App and make it simply unbeatable.

If you haven’t already tried the mobile 888 Poker version yet, you really should give it a try, besides you even get an extra per day in the Star Spin promotion. 😉

Should you have any further improvements or recommendations, please add them to the comments section listed below.

888 Poker Desktop Download
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