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Published: 14th December 2015 Written by Poker News
Updated: 11th December 2023

888 poker down888 Poker is currently down once again, it appears that play on all servers for cash and tournaments is suspended and has been so for the last hour and counting.

Many were affected by an 888 Poker server crash as they were disconnected at the time of the crash and were unable to login thereafter.

When trying to login users were welcomed with a pop-up message stating: Unable to Connect, Please try again or contact member support.

We successfully logged in via the no download aka flash version of their software which seems to still be up and running but network traffic is down as play is suspended.

888 Poker App is Down
888 Poker Desktop version is Down
888 Poker Instant Play Up but play suspended.

No information about the crash is available yet and players have been reporting the issue on the 888poker forum.

The Tournaments show: “The Tournament has been paused due to network issues. Play will be resumed as soon as possible.”

We recently posted about 888 Poker down a couple months ago and here. Post traffic on those pages surges when 888 goes down, so my guess is that 888Poker servers have crashed fairly often lately, possibly as a result of higher than expected traffic from freerolls and promotions.

888 Poker Down But Still Awesome

888 Poker may be down and it’s damn annoying, that said 888 is still awesome all things considered.


I’m just glad there is a rival to Pokerstars, see 888 vs Pokerstars

Over the last year the popularity of 888 Poker has spiked and they are now the second highest traffic room after Pokerstars.

888 Pokers graphics are about the best out there and deposit cashout options are awesome and quick, but the very best part about 888 Poker is their free tournament tickets and freerolls. 888 Poker offers undoubtedly the very best promotions for new players as well as loyal return customers.

The 888 Poker App is brilliant too with both the Android App and iOS poker apps being among the best in the market.

We highly recommend 888Poker overall despite them being down at the time of posting.


I’m sure in a few minutes to hours the servers will return to being online again and play will continue.

Update: 888 Poker is now back online, happy to report outage was 60-90 minutes.