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Published: 14th July 2011 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th January 2024

The Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot continues to grow as it patiently waits for players to lose to some sick bad beat. To qualify for the jackpot prize players must play the Bad Beat Poker tables on CarbonPoker and lose a hand with Quad 7’s or higher.

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Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Poker players hate losing to bad beats especially when there’s a big pot involved and you’ve got a monster hand which is impossible to fold.

The Carbon Poker Bad Beat Poker tables offers the whole table a chance to win their share of the Bad Beat Jackpot prize (amount shown on banner on the right) when players lose a hand with quad 7’s or higher.

Over the years CarbonPoker has paid out more than $6.5 Million on their Bad Beat Poker tables.

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Carbon Poker Bad Beat Poker Tables

carbon poker bad beat poker tables

Look for the Carbon Poker bad beat tables in the lobby to qualify for the bad beat jackpot. Players can win a huge jackpot prize when losing with a bad beat hand greater than quad 7’s.

When playing on the bad beat tables $0.50 from every pot is contributed to the Bad Beat Jackpot. Playing hands that are stronger than quad 7’s aggressively with no chance of losing can be more profitable even if your opponent has you beat with higher quads, a Straight Flush or even a Royal Flush.

The losing player wins the biggest percentage (35%) of the bad beat jackpot while the player who wins the hand and other players who are dealt into the hand will get their share of 17.5% of the jackpot.

bad beat jackpot carbon poker

Qualifying Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot hands:

  • Lose with a hand greater than Four of a Kind 7’s.
  • Winner must win the hand with Four of a Kind 8’s or greater.
  • Players must use both hole cards to qualify.
  • At least 4 players must be dealt into the hand.
  • The hand must reach showdown with two or more players involved in the hand.

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