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Published: 21st May 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 7th December 2023

Friday Night Fights Full Tilt PokerFull Tilt Poker Friday Night Fights will feature Patrik Antonius against Brian Townsend in a heads-up match playing $50/$100 hybrid poker game which is mixed half Pot Limit Hold ’em and  half Pot Limit Omaha both will have $10K starting chips.

FullTilt Poker players can take part by joining one of the knockout or sweat tournaments. Get a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus when using FullTilt Poker bonus code WAP.

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FullTilt Poker Friday Night Fights Main Event

The Friday Night Fight Main Event will have Patrik Antonius verses Brian Townsend on Friday 22 May 2009 taking place at 21:00 ET Watch this heads-up Main Event from the rail.

Patrik Antonius is tough competition earning more than $2.8 million in total during his poker career he has eleven World Series of Poker cashes and a European Poker Tour title.

Brian Townsend is known as a high-stakes player often seen playing tournaments on television. He is also a CardRunners member as the top instructor.

How to find the Friday Night Fight Main Event

In the Full Tilt Poker lobby click on mixed games and look for The Main Event which is a $50/$100 HA table.

Play in $5,000 Sweat Tournament

Choose your favorite pro (Patrik Antonius or Brian Townsend) to win the main event and enter one of the two FullTiltPoker Friday Night Fights $5,000 Sweat Tournaments on Friday, 22nd May 2009 the tournament is rally affordable to enter and you can buy-in for only $10 + $1. Both tournaments will be Knockout Bounties so $8 of your buy-in will go to the prize pool and $2 will be used for bounties. Each player you manage to knockout you will get a $2 bounty reward.

If both you and the pro you have chosen manages to win you will get free entry into the following week on top of the prize money earned

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Friday Night Fights $500 Knockout Tournament

FullTilt Poker Friday Night Fights $500 Knockout Tournament take place each Friday night at FullTilt Poker @ 21:00 ET. You can buy in directly for $500+$35 there are also satellites available from just $1 or 50 FTP’s. Each buy-in will have $100 subtracted to be used for bounties.

  • $400 added to the prize pool
  • $100 is deducted for Bounty Knockouts.

Every player you knock out you will get their $100 bounty money added to your account.

Friday Night Fight Knockout

Date: 22nd May 2009 21:00 ET
Guaranteed Prize Pool: $75,000
Entry Fee:$500+$35

How to register for Full Tilt Poker Knockout and Sweat Tournaments

Open the FullTilt Poker lobby and click on the Tournaments tab choose the tournament and click Register Now button.

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