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Published: 28th August 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 7th December 2023

full tilt take 2This September fulltilt online,  are having a great promotion for multi-table poker players called Full Tilt Take 2. Play two or more tables at once and you will earn double FTP points including cash back bonus if you play for more than five days of the month earning just one point a day.

Play these tables for twenty-five days and you will earn $50 for all your hard work in the FullTilt Poker Take 2 promotion. Get a 100% of your deposit matched up to $600 when using your FullTilt Poker bonus code WAP

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Full Tilt Take 2

Some poker players find multi-tabling very intimidating and think that they will battle to keep up when playing more than one table. The fact is playing more than one table should make you play tighter as you should be folding up to 90% of your starting hands anyway. Playing a single table can get quite boring after awhile and single table players seem to call more just to be involved with the hand or they just looking for some action.

The best tip for multi-tabling would be to only play your best starting hands which gives you time to fold at other tables and focus on the table with the best hand. Suggested starting hands would be pocket pairs ten and above ( 10,10 – JJ – QQ – KK – AA) this guarantees you a pair before going to the flop and raising pre-flop would be a good option with these hands. Other good starting hands include those with an ace kicker paired with ten or above eg: ( AK, AQ, AJ, A10 ) which are even better position when they are suited these hands are also worth raising before the flop.

When playing on multiple tables you can arrange your Full Tilt table layout to accommodate the amount of tables you wish to play by clicking on layout then tile tables when seated at several tables.

The Full Tilt Take 2 promotion is a great way to increase your Full Tilt Points at double the normal point rate. Players who dedicate a few hours a day playing this promotion can earn extra cash up to $50 at fulltilt online.

Players must elect to participate in this promotion to qualify for cash and double points.

To Opt in click on Cashier in the FullTilt lobby then My Promotions click on Take 2 to register.

Full Tilt Poker bonus code WAP

Download FullTilt PokerFull Tilt online

The promotion begin on the 1st September and runs until 30th September 2009 to get you cash back bonus you must play for the required amount of days as shown below. Player must earn at least one FTP a day when playing at both tables to qualify for cash.

  • Play Take 2 for five days and get $5 in cash
  • Play Take 2 for ten days to get an extra $10, adding up to $15
  • Play Take 2 for 15 days and get $10 extra ,added to make your total $25
  • Play Take 2 for 25 days double up to $25, and earn a total of $50

All FullTilt Poker Take 2 cash will be paid into accounts before Friday the 2nd of October 2009

Double FullTilt Points

Play any two ring games on Full Tilt Poker and get twice Full Tilt Points at anytime of the day, players don’t have to wait for happy hour they just need to play multi-table ring games to earn double the points at both the tables. Points will be added to your account within six hours of earning them.

Sitting at the table and playing tight is the best way to earn points because you will still earn points based on the table rake and hands you are involved with such as your blinds.

Another great way to score on top of your double FTP points is to play some academy challenges which you can earn academy credits at the same time. These challenges reward you for playing your good starting poker hands as mentioned above, suggested pro challenges for this promotion would be:

  • Chris Ferguson – Pre-Flop Play – 400 Academy Credits
  • Phil Gordon – 5 Common Hold ’em Leaks – 300 Academy Credits

These Pro Challenges can be repeated up to ten times so players can earn up to 4000 Academy credits per challenge, the credits can be used at the Academy Store to purchase some awesome poker gear or they can be exchanged for FTP. Play a 400 credit challenge 3 times and you can get a deck of Full Tilt Poker cards for 1200 credits. There are so many items available just for playing poker online the way the pros suggest you to, you will also find that you will improve your poker game drastically.

Minimum Full Tilt Poker first deposit is $10

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