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Published: 9th August 2013 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 2nd December 2023

wcoop 2013The WCOOP 2013 schedule has been released with sixty six guaranteed tournaments in the PokerStars series taking place between 8th-29th September 2013.

This is the 12th edition of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker which started back in 2002. Each year new events are added and the guaranteed prize pools increase, the 2013 WCOOP guarantees a total of $40 million.

Satellite tournaments are running daily and a WCOOP reload bonus code will be available for players wanting to reload their accounts for the annual PokerStars series.

WCOOP 2013 – PokerStars Series

Win your share of the $40 million in guaranteed prize pools this September in the WCOOP 2013 PokerStars series. The series feature a wide range of poker games and finished off with the WCOOP Main Event with a $8 million guaranteed prize pool.

Players can win additional cash by ranking in the tournament leaderboards that track players scores throughout the online poker series.

Players can start qualifying for all the World Championship of Online Poker series by playing satellite tournaments to win seats for a fraction of the direct buy-in amount.

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2013 WCOOP Schedule

See below for the full 2013 World Championship of Online Poker tournament schedule for events on PokerStars.

8 September08:00NL Holdem [WCOOP Kickoff]$109.00$500,000
8 September11:00NL Holdem [6-Max]$215.00$1,000,000
8 September14:30NL Holdem$215.00$1,500,000
9 September11:00PL Omaha$320.00$300,000
9 September14:00NL Holdem [6-Max, Shootout, No Late Reg]$320.00$250,000
9 September17:00NL Holdem [Rebuys, Turbo]$215.00$750,000
10 September11:00NL Draw$215.00$50,000
10 September14:00PL Courchevel Hi/Lo$215.00$50,000
10 September17:00NL Holdem$1,050.00$1,000,000
11 September08:00PL Omaha [Knockout]$173.75$150,000
11 September11:00NL Holdem [Ante Up]$320.00$250,000
11 September14:00NL Holdem [Heads-Up, No Late Reg]$215.00$250,000
11 September06:00NL Holdem [Progressive KO]$173.75$250,000
12 September11:00NL Holdem [6-Max, Knockout]$429.00$750,000
12 September14:007-Card Stud H/L$320.00$125,000
13 September11:00PL Omaha [6-Max]$215.00$250,000
13 September14:00NL Single Draw 2-7$215.00$50,000
13 September17:00NL Holdem [Turbo, Zoom]$320.00$500,000
14 September11:00NL Holdem$109.00$750,000
14 September13:00NL Holdem [Super-Knockout]$166.00$600,000
14 September15:00PL Omaha H/L$320.00$200,000
15 September11:00NL Holdem$215.00$1,250,000
15 September12:30NL Holdem [8-Max, 2x Chance, High-Roller]$10,300.00$2,000,000
15 September14:30NL Holdem$700.00$1,500,000
16 September11:00NL Holdem [4-Max]$215.00$400,000
16 September14:007-Card Stud$320.00$75,000
16 September17:00PL Omaha [Turbo, 1R1A]$215.00$300,000
17 September11:00Mixed Hold’em$320.00$150,000
17 September14:00PL Badugi$320.00$50,000
17 September17:00NL Holdem$1,050.00$1,000,000
18 September08:00PL 5-Card Omaha H/L [6-Max, 2R1A]$215.00$150,000
18 September11:00NL Holdem [Progressive KO]$566.25$250,000
18 September14:008-Game$320.00$150,000
19 September06:00NL Holdem [6-Max]$320.00$350,000
19 September11:00PL Omaha [Rebuys, 6-Max]$320.00$400,000
19 September14:00Triple Draw 2-7$320.00$50,000
20 September11:00NL Hold’em [Rebuys]$215.00$600,000
20 September14:00FL Omaha H/L$530.00$150,000
20 September17:00NL Holdem [6-Max, 10-Minute Levels]$215.00$300,000
21 September11:00NL Holdem [8-Max]$1,050.00$500,000
21 September13:00NL Holdem [Super-Knockout]$274.00$500,000
21 September15:00HORSE$320.00$100,000
22 September11:00NL Holdem$215.00$1,000,000
22 September12:30NL Holdem [High Roller Heads-Up]$10,300.00$300,000
22 September14:30NL Holdem$2,100.00$2,000,000
23 September11:00PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max, 1R1A]$320.00$200,000
23 September14:00NL Holdem [3x Chance]$320.00$500,000
23 September17:00NL Holdem [Turbo, Knockout]$173.75$500,000
24 September11:00Mixed (NL Hold em/PL Omaha)$320.00$200,000
24 September14:00Razz$530.00$100,000
24 September17:00NL Holdem$1,050.00$1,000,000
25 September08:00NL Holdem [1R1A]$215.00$300,000
25 September11:00NL Holdem [3x Chance, Big Antes]$215.00$300,000
25 September14:00PL Omaha [6-Max]$2,100.00$500,000
26 September06:00NL Holdem$320.00$300,000
26 September11:00NL Holdem [Rebuys]$530.00$750,000
26 September14:00FL Holdem$215.00$100,000
27 September11:00NL Holdem [1R1A]$530.00$600,000
27 September14:00NL Omaha H/L$215.00$100,000
27 September17:00FL Holdem [6-Max]$1,050.00$100,000
28 September11:00PL Omaha [Heads Up]$700.00$150,000
28 September13:00NL Holdem [Super Knockout]$362.50$1,000,000
28 September15:00HORSE$2,100.00$250,000
29 September11:00NL Hold’em [8-Max]$215.00$1,500,000
29 September12:308-Game [High-Roller]$10,300.00$500,000
29 September14:302013 WCOOP Main Event$5,200.00$8,000,000

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