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Published: 31st May 2010 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

full tilt poker updateFull Tilt Poker have added a bunch of great new features to their poker software, which are extremely useful for players to find the online poker games they wish to play, viewing your hand history, adding widgets to customize your lobby and understanding how the FullTilt Poker late reg works.

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New Full Tilt Poker Features

fulltiltpoker lobby new

FullTiltPoker Lobby Color Coding

When a player is seated at a ring game, the table will be shown with a green highlight in the lobby, this is an excellent feature for multi table players who are looking to join several tables without clicking on a table they are already seated at.

fulltiltpoker lobby update

When a player registers for a tournament it will be shown as purple in the lobby until the tournament begins, it will then change to green in the FullTilt Poker lobby.

FullTilt Poker Tournament Lobby Features

fulltiltpoker lobby options

Players can now choose whether they would like the tournament lobby to auto open or not when a tournament starts or finishes. This feature can be selected from the options menu in the Full Tilt Poker lobby by either enabling or disabling the option, the default setting has this feature enabled.

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Full Tilt Poker Late Reg

full tilt poker late reg

Players can find out the full details of the late reg and how many levels the tournament will remain open for in the tournament lobby. Full Tilt Poker guaranteed tournaments normally have an hour of late registration to allow more players to join the tournament and increase the guaranteed prize pool.

Entering a tournament after it has been running for awhile has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Some players prefer to play from the start and work their way up in position, others prefer more action by joining late and playing more aggressively against those who are trying to protect their chips and position in the later stages of the tournament.

When players join late reg they must wait until the big blinds reach them before they can begin to play.

FullTilt Poker Lobby Widget Tournaments

full tilt poker widget

Players can use the tournament lobby widget to see when their next registered tournament begins with a countdown timer, the tournaments are displayed in the order in which they will begin. The new tournament widget is called My Upcoming Tournaments.

Full Tilt Poker widgets are only displayed in the standard lobby view, to add the widget click on the customize button in the FullTiltPoker lobby.

Full Tilt Poker Hand Replayer

full tilt poker last hand

The FullTiltPoker last hand replayer can easily be accessed by clicking on last hand at the tables or from the Full Tilt Poker lobby by clicking on Requests then Last Hand History. Players can go back and watch their game play and learn from any mistakes they have made which may help improve your poker game in the long run.

Another option would be to use the Full Tilt Poker Shortcuts CTRL+H on a normal windows pc or Command+G on a MAC computer. The Full Tilt Poker Hand Replayer is by far the best poker software for viewing your hand history when compared to other online poker rooms.

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